Vidya Kanuka Kit renamed to Student Kit in AP


The newly formed TDP led NDA government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to rename the erstwhile Jagananna Vidya Kanuka scheme to the Student Kit scheme.

As all the schools in the state are being reopened on 13th June 2024 post summer holidays, the state government has decided to distribute Students kits to all the students immediately the schools are reopened.

Under this scheme six different types of items are provided under the kits. It includes the items listed below.

Student Kit in AP Consists of

  1. 3 pairs of Uniform Cloth
  2. One school bag
  3. One belt
  4. One pair of shoes
  5. 2 pairs socks
  6. School academic books and work books

Additionally, the students of 1St and 6th class shall receive English to English to Telugu Dictionary. 1St class students will get a pictorial dictionary and 6th class students will get the Oxford dictionary.

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