TDP JSP BJP Manifesto 2024 Released, Key Highlights


Telugu Desam Party Chief N Chandrababu naidu along with Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan and BJP leaders released its joint Manifesto (ummadi manifesto 2024)ahead of upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh.

Highlights of NDA Manifesto 2024 for Andhra Pradesh [TDP-JSP-BJP Manifesto]

  • Free travel for women in the state in APSRTC buses.
  • Under the Deepam scheme, every household gets three cylinders free per year.
  • Under the scheme adabidda nidhi, every woman between the age of 18 years and 59 years will get Rs.18 thousand per year or Rs.1,500 per month in their bank account.
  • Allowance of Rs.3 thousand per month shall be paid for unemployed youth.
  • 4 lakh jobs per annum, 20 lakh jobs in the next 5 years shall be fulfilled
  • Free tap connection to every household.
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 15 thousand per year per child studying under the scheme ‘Thalliki Vandanam’.
  • Investment assistance to farmers worth Rs.20 thousand per year shall be paid.
  • 1.50 per unit of electricity for aquarists.
  • 2 cents in urban areas and 3 cents in rural areas for the poor. Sand shall be free for all.
  • Continuation of Amaravati as capital of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Repeal of Land Rights Act.
  • Rs.20,000 assistance to fishermen during sea fishing break. 217 of GO to be repealed which was brought against them.
  • Financial assistance to be provided for boat repairs.
  • Interest free loans for small businessmen.
  • A special law for the protection of BCs.
  • The old age pension shall be increased to Rs.4 thousand per month and the enhanced pension is effective from April-2024. 6 thousand pension for the disabled.
  • Rs.4000 per month pension for BCs who have attained the age of 50.
  • Rs.10 lakh subsidy for MSMEs and seed companies.
  • Implementation of 10 percent EBC reservation brought by NDA.
  • Consultation with center for 33 per cent reservation for BCs in legislative assemblies.
  • 1.50 lakh crores over next five years through BC subplan.
  • Review CPS of employees and suggest appropriate remedial action.
  • Justice will be given to outsourcing and Anganwadi employees.
  • An honorarium of Rs.10 thousand for volunteers.
  • We will spend Rs.15 thousand crores for Kapu’s welfare.
  • 5 thousand crores worth of equipment annually under Adharana scheme.
  • Equal justice to the poor.
  • 200 units of free electricity to Dhobi Ghats.
  • An honorarium of Rs. 25 thousand for Nayi Brahmins working in temples.
  • 10 percent reservation in liquor shops for Geeta workers.
  • 15 percent reservation in quarries for Vadderas. Exemption in Royalty, Scenarios.
  • A specialized organization for the development of goldsmiths.
  • 200 units of free electricity to distressed weavers and weavers.
  • First sign on Mega DSC.
  • Release of Job Calendar annually.
  • Policies tailored to industries.
  • Digital libraries accessible to all.
  • Promotion of sports.
  • Generic drug stores in every mandal.
  • Anna canteens will be reopened.
  • Prorational reservation for Kapus from EWS.
  • Interim relief due to PRC.
  • Launch of ‘kalalaku rekkalu Scheme’ for girl child education
  • 25 lakh health insurance for every family in the state.
  • Digital health cards for all.
  • To build Haj House in Vijayawada.
  • An honorarium of Rs.10,000 per month for junior lawyers.

This is the consolidated manifesto released by NDA for the Elections 2024.

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