May and June Pension to be credited directly in Bank accounts

Last month, the distribution of pension started late in the state of Andhra Pradesh amdist election code and there were reports in the media that the pension beneficiaries suffered collecting pension amount.In this context, the Election Commission has recently issued instructions to the State chief secretary to distribute the pension either at home or directly deposit it in the bank accounts and not to repeat last month problems.

Considering these orders, the state government has taken a crucial decision. It has been decided to deposit the pension amount directly in the beneficiary’s bank account.

With this decision, the amount will be deposited directly in the beneficiary’s bank account in DBT mode without any involvement of volunteers or secretariat staff. It has been stated that the government will directly deposit the amount in this dbt method to all the beneficiaries whose bank account is linked with Aadhaar and NPCI.

However, it has also given instructions for door to door distribution of pension to those who have difficulty in DBT mode. Besides, the government has also issued orders to give pension at home to the disabled and those who are confined to bed or those suffering from serious illness.

It seems that more than 75% of the beneficiaries will receive the amount directly in their bank account. The government has issued guidelines to distribute the pension at home to the rest i.e. to those mentioned above.

The state government has released the procedures related to this. Important instructions have been issued to the District Collectors.

Download the guidelines issued by the government here Download.

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