Last Date to Register for vote in AP & TS

If you are 18 years and above but still  your name is not in the voter list? Then it’s for you. Last chance to register for a vote if you wish to cast your vote in this election.

As per the deadline by ECI, 15th April  is the last date to register for Vote right in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This is the last chance to register a vote for the upcoming general election on May 13th.

Generally, you can apply for vote registration till the last day of nominations. The Election Commission has given an opportunity to apply for vote registration till Monday in view of the fact that they have to be given a week’s time for their examination, issuance of notices and reply of the applicants. All those who are eligible will be examined and given a place in the voter list. This voter list will be published as a supplement to the final list. All those whose names are there can exercise the right to vote in this election.

Different ways to register for vote

Voter Registration online process

Method-1: Register and login with your phone number on website. Click on the section ‘Register as a New Voter’ and a sub-section ‘Form-6: Application Form for New Voters’ will appear. Click on it and the online application will appear. All the details mentioned in it should be filled and submitted. After that a reference ID number will be sent to your phone number. Based on that, you can know the status of the application on the same website from time to time. Based on the details in the online application, the booth level officer will come to your address and check. After ensuring that all the details are correct, your name will be added to the voter list.

Method-2: Go to the website and register with your phone number. After logging in to the website, there is a section called ‘New Voter Registration’. By clicking on it, you can fill all the details required in the application and submit.

Method-3:  VoterHelpline mobile app of Election Commission of India is available on Google Play Store. After downloading it you need to register your phone number and details. You need to login based on the same. If you go to the ‘Voter Registration’ section, you will see the ‘New Voter Registration’ section. Click on it and fill all the details asked in it under various pages and submit the application.

Method-4: Go to or websites or through  NVSP, Voter Portal website links you Can apply for right to vote.

Voter Registration offline process

Method-1: Form-6 applications to register for vote can be submitted directly to Booth Level Officers (BLOs).

Method-2: The Election Commission appoints a division level officer as Electoral Registration Officers (ERO) for each constituency. Applications can also be submitted in their offices. In each mandal a local Tehsildar or Deputy Tehsildar has been appointed as Assistant Electoral Registration Officers (AEROs). Offline Applications can be given in those offices as well. They will be scrutinized and the right to vote shall be provided.

Voter helpline numbers:

For any other queries including voter registration: dial 1950 toll free number between 10 am to 5.30 pm.

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