How to apply for baal aadhar card – for children

Baal aadhar card or also called blue aadhar card is an identification document issued for the children below the age of 5 in India.

Baal Aadhar or Blue aadhar or Children aadhar card is issued for new born up to the age of 5.

Benefits of Blue aadhar or Baal Aadhar

Baal Aadhar acts as an identification and address proof document for the child below the age of 5.

It is accepted as document proof while admitting into the schools.

It is also linked with parents aadhar so will act as proof when the child is missed.

How to apply for baal aadhar online

The question here comes in the mind of parents is ‘can I apply for baal aadhar online’. Please understand that baal aadhar involves only booking an appointment for Baal Aadhar through online process. So only a partial process can be availed through online mode. You cannot skip offline verification completely.

Steps to book an appointment for Baal Aadhar Online

1. Visit the official website of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI):

2. In the official porta navigate to  “My Aadhaar” section and click on “Book an Appointment.”

3. There you can select an option called “New Aadhaar” and enter your mobile number and the security code (captcha).

Under “Relationship with Head of Family,” you need to  choose “Child (0-5 years).”

4. Fill in Your Child’s Details:

Carefully enter your child’s information, including name, date of birth, and complete address.

Required documents for Blue aadhar: Child Birth certificate, One of the parents aadhar.

5. Book Your Appointment:

Choose a convenient date and time at a nearby Aadhaar enrollment center.

Confirm your booking, and then visit the enrollment center during your slot with all document proofs.

6. Once you visit, a child’s face photograph will be captured  and registration will be completed. No biometrics captured for kids below the age of 5.

7. You will receive the Baal Aadhar within 60 days of enrollment.

How to apply for Baal Aadhar offline

To apply for Baal Aadhar or Blue Aadhar through an offline process, please follow steps below.

1. Visit the nearby aadhar enrollment center with your child below the age of 5.

2. Carry child birth certificate and one of the parent aadhar card mandatorily.

3. Inform clearly the officials that you have come for applying blue aadhar for child

4. Fill the form with all the details of child and parent

5. Along with the form submit the xerox copies of your child date of birth and parent aadhar card. Please also carry original proofs for verification.

If your address is aadhar is different to the current address residing where you need your baal aadhar delivered, then please furnish valid proof of address like electricity, gas bill etc.

6. Officials will capture the face photograph of your child.

7. SMS will be sent to the parents mobile number after registration.

8. Within 60 days of enrollment message you will get Baal Aadhar or Blue Aadhar delivered to your address.

Note: It is mandatory to update child biometrics when the child turns 5 and 15 years.

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