Andhra Pradesh Super Six Schemes – Complete Info


In the recent assembly elections held in Andhra Pradesh Telugu Desam Party led NDA alliance has come to power.

Now the people of Andhra Pradesh are quite eager in knowing various welfare schemes and programmes the new government is about to take in Andhra Pradesh.

As part of its poll bound manifesto, the alliance announced Super Six schemes for the state of Andhra Pradesh. These were primarily aimed to benefit the poor, women , farmers and youth.

Let’s have a look at the Super Six schemes which TDP alliance is all set to implement in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Super Six Schemes of Andhra Pradesh

  1. 20 lakh job opportunities for youth in the next 5 years. 3 thousand rupees unemployment allowance shall be paid for jobless youth.
  2. 15000 for each school going student
  3. ₹20000 financial assistance to every farmer annually
  4. 3 gas cylinders free per household
  5. ₹1500 per month financial assistance for each woman in the state
  6. Free bus travel for women

Let us look at these schemes in more detail.

  1. 20 lakh job vacancies for youth – The Telugu Desam Party Janasena BJP alliance government has made it clear that the first signature will be on the Mega DSC. Besides, 20 lakh employment opportunities will be provided to the youth in the coming 5 years. TDP+ has also announced that unemployment benefits of Rs 3000 per month will be given to the unemployed across the state.
  2. 15000 per school going student – The alliance has announced that it has provided financial assistance of 15 thousand rupees to every school going student across the state. 15000 rupees per child will be deposited in the mother’s account if there are any number of children.
  3. Rs 20,000 per farmer annually – Under the Annadatha scheme, the Telugu Desam Party alliance has announced that it will provide financial assistance of Rs 20,000 annually to farmers across the state.
  4. 3 free gas cylinders for every household – The TDP alliance has announced that the Telugu Desam government shall provide three gas cylinders free per year to every eligible person across the state.
  5. 1500 per month per woman – TDP alliance announced that Rs 15,00 will be deposited in the account of each woman across the state under the Mahashakti scheme. According to this calculation, 18000 rupees will be deposited in women’s account every year.
  6. Free bus facility for women – Free bus facility for women, which is already in place in many states, will be implemented in Andhra Pradesh as well, the Telugu Desam Party alliance has announced. This facility will be provided in APSRTC buses. Women can travel freely from anywhere in the state to anyone by showing Aadhaar card.

Let us now know what are the 6 guarantee schemes to be implemented by the Telugu Desam Party government.

Telugudesam Party Guarantee Schemes

  1. Maha Shakti
  2. Poor to Rich
  3. Yuva Galam
  4. Annadata
  5. drinking water for all the households
  6. Special Protection law for the BCs
1. Benefits of Maha Shakti Scheme:

  • Through this scheme, ₹1500 per month will be directly deposited into the bank account of every woman who has completed 18 years of age under the adabidda nidhi fund.
  • ₹15000 will be deposited in mother’s account if the mother has as many children studying in the name of Vandanam.
  • 3 gas cylinders free per year through Deepam scheme.
  • Free travel in APSRTC buses for all women in the state.
Mahashakti Scheme
2. Poor to Rich Scheme – Through this scheme, the poor and vulnerable sections of the state are provided livelihood through various welfare schemes and make them rich.

Poor to Rich Scheme
3. Yuvagalam Scheme – The main objective of this scheme is to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed people across the state through the Yuvagalam scheme. Besides, the Telugu Desam Party and the alliance have already made it clear that the first signature after the formation of the government will be on Mega DSC.

TDP has announced that every unemployed person will be given Rs 3000 per month as unemployment allowance under Yuvagalam Nidhi.

Yuvagalam Scheme
4. Annadata Scheme – Telugu Desam Party announced as part of its election manifesto that it will provide financial assistance of 20 thousand rupees per year to the farmers through this scheme.

TDP Annadatha Scheme
5. Household Water Scheme – The alliance has announced that through this scheme every house in the state will be connected to a good water tap.

Intintiki Neeru Scheme
6. Protection Act for BCs – This scheme announced that a special law would be implemented for BCs and minorities in the state. Besides, the alliance said that BCs in the state will be given pension only after 50 years.

BC Rakshana Chattam
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