Yatra 2 Movie Review & Rating!

Yatra 2 Movie Review & Rating!

Jiiva (Hero)
Ketaki Narayan (Heroine)
Mammootty, Mahesh Manjrekar, Subhalekha Sudhakar and others.. (Cast)
Mahi V. Raghav (Director)
Shiva Meka – Mahi V. Raghav (Producer)
Santosh Narayanan (Music)
Madhi (Cinematography)

The director Mahi V. Raghav has proved that political biopics can be made without targeting anyone, without making anyone feel inferior. After making “Yatra” very well and becoming a commercial hit, this time Mahi has made “Yatra 2” as a sequel to “Yatra” based on the life of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan. And it remains to be seen if Mahi hits well with this sequel or not.


After the sudden death of Rajasekhar Reddy (Mammootty), the political dynamics of Andhra Pradesh tend to quickly change. Begining from the ruling party to the opposition party, everyone starts making universal efforts for power. At such a moment, Jagan Mohan Reddy (Jiva) steps into Padmavyuham. He prepares to face the political giants. What are the difficulties faced by Jagan in this political battleground? Who stood by him? That’s something to know by watching “Yatra 2”.

Performance of actors:

Mammootty as Rajasekhar Reddy in “Yatra” without any imitation. He elevated the role with his seniority in the same vein for his brief stint in “Yatra 2”. He continued to live as Jagan. From body language to mannerisms, he made Jagan appear on screen.

But in some places it is like imitation. Asrita Vemuganti as Y.S.Vijayamma entertained wonderfully in the emotional scenes. Her dialogues and gestures bring tears. Ketaki Narayan as YS Bharati & Mahesh Manjrekar as Chandrababu seemed to be fine. Suzanne Burnett surprised by looking like Sonia Gandhi even though she was not impressed as an actress.

Technical performance:

Santhosh Narayan’s music is the main asset of this movie. Impressed with the excellent background score for the emotional scenes & elevations. Songs & lyrics are also good.
Madhi’s cinematography work is interesting. Care taken in color grading gives a different cinematic experience. Director Mahi V. Raghav has once again made his mark. Jagan’s biopic has turned the expectations of all those who thought that there would be unmitigated negativity on TDP & Janasena parties.

In one instance, the way Chandrababu was elevated as a political Chanakya also pleased the anti-fans. Also.. It is admirable to screen a political drama without offending anyone. Even though it was very calm till the first half, when it comes to the second half, a little propaganda starts. The accuracy of “Journey” Part 1 is lacking in the second part “Journey 2”.

The second half fell into disrepair due to Jagan’s attempt to project his personality as a mountain as great as Meru. Therefore, there is no emotional connection in the second half. If not.. It was a wise thing for him as a director and writer to end the film when Jagan took oath as Chief Minister in 2019.


This is a movie that only Jagan fans will like. Also.. Audiences who don’t understand and don’t understand political mobilizations can watch it once. If not.. If you have complete political knowledge, it would be difficult to digest things that are not sync.

Rating: 2/5

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