The Railway Men Telugu Netflix Web Series Review

The Railway Men Review How is the web series ‘The Railway Men’ starring KK Menon, Madhavan, Babil Khan, and Divyendu Sharma in pivotal roles?

  • Web series: The Railwaymen; 
  • Actors: KK Menon, Madhavan, Divyendu, Babil Khan, Sunni Hinduja, Divyendu Bhattacharya, Juheechawla, Mandirabedi and others; 
  • Music: Sam Slaughter; 
  • Cinematography: Rubais;
  • Editing: Yashzaidev; 
  • Producer: Yashraj Films; 
  • Directed by: Shiv Rawail; 
  • Streaming platform: Netflix

Web series based on real events have frequently greeted the audience in recent times. ‘The Railwaymen’ comes in that category. Famous production company Yashraj Films has tried to reveal the circumstances of the Bhopal gas disaster. And how is this series streaming on Netflix? Did you see the conditions of the day?

Story: Iftikhar Siddiqui (KK Menon) is the station master of Bhopal railway station. He is highly respected by everyone who works at that station. Moreover, he is a good-hearted man. Siddiqui takes the lead in helping whoever is in need. On the other hand, a foreign company runs the Union Carbide factory in the heart of Bhopal. It does not meet even the minimum standards in terms of safety. If the defects in the factory are brought to the attention of the superior by the senior workers, he will talk about the losses of the company and not consider anything else. Imad (Babil Khan) lives in the slum next to the factory. Imad, who worked in the same factory for a few days, quits his job and joins the Railway Coach Factory as a worker after the death of his brother-like friend who was working with him. A reporter (Sunny Hinduja) comes to know about the defects in the factory through Imad and tries to get a report about it. In such a situation, gas leaks from the Union Carbide factory one night. The gas will slowly spread across Bhopal beyond the factory surroundings. What was the condition of the people of Bhopal at that time? How did you fall victim to poisonous gas? (The Railway Men Telugu Review) What were the efforts of Iftikhar Siddiqui and Imad to save the passengers at Bhopal Railway Station? What is the adventure of Central Railways GM Rati Pandey (Madhavan) who knows about the Bhopal gas leak incident? You have to watch the series to know!

How it is: We see natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. in the news all the time. How many people escaped from death even in such dire situations and stood as martyrs? But, there are many dark chapters in the pages of history due to human mistakes and negligence. The worst incident of it was the ‘Bhopal Gas Leak’. Around 15,000 innocent people lost their lives in this disaster that took place in December 1984. Director Shiv Rawail has succeeded in making ‘The Railway Men’ (The Railway Men Telugu Review) melt hearts on the theme of that tragedy. In the first episode of the series, the dialogue ‘In our country, pulses are cheaper than salt is the life of a common man’. This is the correct definition of the life of the common man who is becoming a victim of the negligence of the rulers over time, years, and governments.

The director, who started the series with the introduction of Iftikhar Siddiqui, the station master of Bhopal Junction, did not take too much time and tried to tell what was going to happen directly with the failures of the Union Carbide factory. The character of Imad, who previously worked in the factory, told how horrible chemicals are being stored in it. If it is leaked, the way the situation will be is shown by the post-mortem scene of his dead friend. From here the director slowly introduced each character and brought everyone to Bhopal Junction. (The Railway Men Telugu Review) Iftikhar, the station master, arrives at the station to supervise the work of restoring the communication system, on the other hand, the wedding ceremony of the daughter of a woman named Vijaya, who works there, is going on grandly, on the other hand, Imad, who quits his job in the carbide factory and joins the Bhopal railway coach factory. A thief (Divyendu Sharma) came to pay.. A journalist who wants to get evidence of the defects of the carbide factory and tell the world. Every character has been shown in detail.

What will happen to them if there is a gas leak? The suspense of the series keeps the audience watching. The story picks up after gas leaks from a carbide factory. They are falling from place to place with difficulty in breathing. In the plight of not knowing what is going on, thousands of lives are mingling in endless gas without knowing why they are dying. (The Railway Men Telugu Review) Are cattle, birds, and trees the same? Every living creature around the Carbide factory goes into the death pit. The incidents of hundreds of people putting their lives in the palm of their hands and running away by grabbing the vehicle they found are heartbreaking. Vijaya, who is happy that her daughter’s marriage is taking place amid many hopes, comes to the station master Iftikhar for a loan due to lack of money and passes away taking the money given by him.

Things become more complicated after toxic gas engulfs Bhopal railway station. How will the hundreds of people in the station get out of this poisonous gas? That takes away the suspense. On the one hand, the communication system is not functioning properly.. on the other hand, the efforts to stop the Gorakhpur Express coming to Bhopal Junction with hundreds of passengers, on the other hand, Iftikhar and Imad are daring to save the passengers at the station, the whole screenplay is racy. However, this is where the director took a bit of cinematic liberty. A passenger who went out of the waiting hall died immediately, while Iftikhar and Imad kept coming out of the waiting hall again and again. The story takes another turn with the entry of Central Railways GM Rati Pandey who came to the next station for inspection. (The Railway Men Telugu Review) His decisions to save the passengers of Gorakhpur Express reaching Bhopal add more interest to the story. Rati Pandey going to Bhopal with a relief van on one side and Gorakhpur Express coming to Bhopal station on the other side will these two trains collide? That excitement shakes the audience. It will be fun to see how the accident was avoided on the screen. The scenes showing the plight of people in Bhopal after the gas leak incident are heart-wrenching.

Who did it: We can’t imagine anyone else but KK Menon in the role of station master Iftikhar. Babil Khan lives the role of Imad as an average young man who fights not to lose the lives of passengers at the station like his friend. Divyendu Sharma acted well as a person who came to steal at Bhopal Junction, changed his mind, and helped the passengers. This character is a bit of a relief in an exciting series. Sunny Hinduja as reporter, Madhavan as GM, Juhi Chawla, and Mandirabedi did justice to their roles.

Technically: The effort put in by the technical team for this series is evident on screen. Sam Slaughter’s background music brought life to the tragic scenes. Rubais’ cinematography takes the series to another level. The night scenes, lighting effects, and recreating the conditions of 1984 are very good. Didn’t go anywhere out of the box. Shiv Rawail who made a survival thriller based on the actual situation of the Bhopal gas leak incident gets good marks. The length of the series is four hours.. To tell each scene in detail, one gets the feeling of watching a documentary in many places. It would have been effective if it had been shown as a movie in less than two and a half to three hours instead of a web series. Otherwise, the whole series will be interesting.

Can be watched with family: The post-mortem scene is the only one that is a bit disturbing. Sensitive minds better skip it. There is some profanity in the conversations here and there. That too only in one or two places. Apart from these, there is no difficulty in watching the series.


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Finally: ‘The Railwaymen’.. Thrilling Journey. (The Railwaymen Review)

Note: This review is from the perspective of the reviewer. This is the reviewer’s personal opinion only!

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