Sundaram Master Review & Rating

Sundaram Master Review; 

  • Movie: Sundaram Master; 
  • Actors: Harsha Chemudu, Divya Sripada, Balakrishna, Harshavardhan, Bhadram and others; 
  • Music: Sricharan Pakala; 
  • Cinematography: Deepak Eregada; 
  • Art: Chandramouli Atalapaka; 
  • Costumes: Srihita Kotagiri, Rajasekhar Reddy; 
  • Dances: Vijay Binny; 
  • Executive Producer: Hemant Kurru; 
  • Editing: Karthik Vunnava; 
  • Producers: Ravi Teja, Sudhir Kumar Kurru; 
  • Written and Directed by: Kalyan Santhosh; 
  • Companies: RT Team Works, Golden Den Media; 
  • Release: 23-02-2024

While being busy with a series of films as a leading actor, Ravi Teja is continuing to produce films under the banner of his production company RT Team Works. Another film coming from his company is… ‘Sundaram Master’. Harsha Chemudu, who is known to the audience as a comedian, played the lead role. Kalyan Santosh is being introduced as a director. What kind of talent did Harsha, who has a unique style of his own in giving laughs? (Sundaram Master Review) How is this film?


Sundaram Master (Viva Harsha) is a teacher in a government school. He will try to get married after seeing a relationship that gives more dowry. Meanwhile, MLA of that area (Harsh Vardhan) receives a letter from Miryala Metta. The gist of it is that they need an English teacher. Sundaram Master takes the responsibility of giving English lessons to that village which has no connection with the outside world. There is something valuable in that village where no outsiders have access, and the Sundaram master is entrusted with the responsibility of finding it. The MLA says that if he finds it, he will also give him the post of DEO. As a DEO, Sundaram leaves for that town with the hope that more dowry will come. If you go there, everyone in the village speaks English better than Master. ‘You really know English’ and the master will be tested. If you fail the test, you will be executed. And did Sundaram Master pass the exam? What is the reason why they want to become English Master even if they speak English so well? Did Sundaram find something valuable in the village? Did he get kicked out of town? What is the history behind that town? If you want to know other things, you have to watch the movie.

Technical Analysis

Every now and then we hear about some areas that have no connection with the outside world. The purity, innocence and commitment of the people there arouses interest as one hears the history of such places. This is a film set in such a background. If the viewer goes in with the expectations of a complete comedy film keeping in mind the image of the protagonist Viva Harsha, then the audience is bound to be disappointed. There is humor but not the whole movie. He took the audience into a special world called Miryalametta and tried to tell a good story by combining nature and humanity. Although there is some hesitation here and there in the order of telling the story, the director has shared the feeling of watching a new kind of film. Sundaram starts introducing the character of Master and the difficulties he faces in his attempt to teach English in Miriyala Metta, the people’s habits and customs in the first half of the film are fun. For half an hour, the movie is full of Viva Harsha Mark comedy scenes. After that the history of the village arouses interest.

The entire second half revolves around the quest for the precious object. While the philosophical scenes in the background of nature and humanity are impressive, some parts seem confusing. It is a film with a good message. The main attraction of this movie is the way in which the world of Miryala Metta was invented on the screen. (Sundaram Master Review in telugu) Those scenes give a pure feeling to the audience. The innocence of the people of that village, who do not know about the modern world, the beautiful world they live in is like a wave of cold air that hits the face after getting out of the busy traffic.

Actors Performance

Viva Harsha appeared in a small role. Sundaram played the role of master. He laughed with his usual acting in the first half. In the second half, he doesn’t get a chance to develop humor while telling the original story. Along with humour, he also got the opportunity to cultivate other emotions. Divya Sripada will be seen as an orphan girl from Miryala Metta. Her looks and acting are impressive. Chaitanya in the role of Ojha, the village gang’s performance is more impressive. Balakrishna, Harsh Vardhan, Bhadram and others have performed well in their roles. The highlights of the movie are the scenes of Yuvraj Singh and Brahmanandam. Technically the film is superior. The performance of the art department is particularly impressive. Art director Chandramouli has created that world as if such a town really exists. Sreecharan’s classical music is another added attraction of the film. Good emotions are ripe with a flying song. Cinematographer Deepak has nailed the visuals. Director Kalyan Santhosh has honestly made a good effort. In the second half, the story seems a little stiff, but his story and writing are good. Emotions are ripe. The structure is superior. Although the film has its limitations, the quality of the production is evident.


  • + Thought provoking storyline
  • + Story background.. Actors
  • + Comedy in the first half


  • – Some scenes in the second half

Finally..: Sundaram Master… A Few Laughs, A Valuable Lesson (Sundaram Master Review in telugu)

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