Special discount on Hanuman Tickets on these dates

The superhero film ‘Hanuman’ (Hanu man) directed by Prashanth Varma with Teja Sajja in the lead role is still enjoying its ongoing journey at the box office. Even after a month of its release, the film is still running with good occupancy in many theatres globally. To boost up its theatrical run film makers have recently taken a crucial decision.

Special discount on Hanuman Tickets

The team of Hanuman has announced a special discount on the tickets. It has been decided to reduce the ticket prices of ‘Hanu-Man’ in most of the Telangana districts falling under nizam distribution area. At present, the ticket price in single screen theaters is Rs.175, but from now on it will be available at Rs.100. Also, the ticket price which was at Rs.295 in multiplexes has been brought down to Rs.150. The film team said that the reduced prices will be effective from February 16 to 23.

In recent times, many films are coming to OTT within three to four weeks of their release after the end of their theatrical run. The films of top protagonists are not an exception to this. In this context, it is remarkable that ‘Hanuman’ is still continuing in theatres. Till last week this movie was running in more than 300 screens. To continue the trend, the film team has brought a new offer to attract the family audience by reducing the ticket prices.

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