Save The Tigers Season 2 Review

Cast & Crew

  • Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gotam, Krishna Chaitanya (Hero)
  • Pavani Gangireddy, Jordhar Sujatha, Devyani Sharma (Heroine)
  • NA (Cast)
  • Arun Kothapally (Director)
  • Mahi V. Raghava-Chinna Vasudev Reddy (Producer)
  • Ajay Arasada (Music)
  • SV Vishweshwar (Cinematography)

“Save the Tigers” is a web series in Telugu with healthy humour. The first season of this web series, starring Priyadarshi, Krishna Chaitanya and Abhinav Gomatam in the title roles, got a good response. Mahi V. Raghav ( Mahi V Raghav ) has not only produced but also written the second season of this series released today (March 15). Let’s see if the second season is as impressive as the first season..!!

Story: In the first season, the heroine Hamsalekha (Seerat Kapoor) is caught in a kidnapping case and Vikram (Krishna Chaitanya), Rahul (Abhinav) and Ganta Ravi (Priyadarshi) are trapped in the police station. This second season starts with the scene.
The Tigers who came out of that case will make some important decisions in their lives.

Vikram wants to quit his job and start his own business, Rahul wants to seriously write a story for a movie, and Ganta Ravi wants to stand in the elections as a corporator. How did the decisions taken by these three change their lives? How did their wives contribute to these decisions? Season 2 is the answer to such questions.

Performance of Actors: In the first season, Abhinav hit high marks with his comedy timing. Priyadarshi showed his mettle in the second season. Priyadarshi’s performance as a responsible father and a somewhat squeamish middle-aged man became the main highlight of the series. Priyadarshi’s maturity should be appreciated especially when she sat on the floor and talked to her daughter. Also.. Krishna Chaitanya also entertains in the role of a mature husband. Abhinav once again impresses with his comedy timing.

Pavani Gangireddy and Devyani Sharma have done justice to their roles. However…Jordaar Sujatha dominated the other lady artists with her comedy timing. Seerat Kapoor tried to add glamour.

Technical performance: Director Arun Kothapalli has directed the second season in a way that is not inferior to the first season. However.. the episode of the primitive people was stretched unnecessarily. No big loss if that whole episode is trimmed. However, compared to the first season, the emotional content in the second season is a plus.

Another plus point of the series is that the story & scenes written by Mahi V. Raghav & Pradeep Advaitham are close to reality and many couples can relate. The production design & artwork are decent. Ajay Arasada’s music & Vishveshwar’s cinematography have elevated the content of the work series nicely.

Analysis: “Save the Tigers: Season 2” is a good time pass series for tired audiences and family audiences who don’t have the right movies in the theatres. For Priyadarshi’s performance, Abhinav’s comedy timing & relatable scenes, this series is a family watch!

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