Saindhav Movie Review & Rating!

‘Saindhav’ movie starring Victory Venkatesh in the lead role, which was made by Shailesh Kolanu, the director behind the ‘Hit’ series. This movie, which is produced by Venkat Boinapalli through his company “Niharika Entertainments”, released on January 13. The teaser and trailers have made this movie highly anticipated.

Starring: Venkatesh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Shraddha Srinath, Andrea Jeremiah, Ruhani Sharma, Jisshu Sengupta, Arya, and others

Director: Sailesh Kolanu

Producer: Venkat Boyanapalli

Music Director: Santosh Narayan

Cinematographer: S.Manikandan

Editor: Garry BH


Chandraprastha is the fictional city where the movie takes place and revolves around Saindhav Koneru, or SaiKo (Venkatesh).He is employed by the customs department as a crane operator. Manogya (Shraddha Srinath), a cab driver, looks after Saindhav’s daughter Gayathri (Baby Sara Palekar). Gayathri passes out in school one day. When the physicians take Gayathri to the hospital, they discover that she has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). A 17 crore investment is required for Gayathri. What was Saindhav’s next move? Was his daughter saved by him? What relationship does he have with Mukesh Rishi’s character Mitra, the head of a drug and arms cartel? This is the subject matter of the film..

Plus Points:

One actor who can play any part with great conviction is Victory Venkatesh. Without a doubt, Venky is the movie’s heart and soul. From beginning to conclusion, the entire movie rests on his shoulders. The actor has a powerful on-screen presence and delivers strong performances in action sequences. There are some poignant moments in which Venkatesh excels as usual.

Saindhav’s final thirty minutes are captivating, with strong action sequences and Venky’s action figure. On screen, the Bujjikondave song has a pleasing melody. Nawazuddin Siddiqui attempts to inject a lighthearted touch into the film, and he occasionally makes the audience giggle.

It’s fantastic that the creators of Saindhav attempted to raise awareness of the hereditary disorder SMA and the efforts being made by NGOs. The cameraman, Manikandan, does a great job of capturing the well-composed battle scenes. Among all the pieces, the interval action set piece sticks out.

Minus Points:

Despite Saindhav’s excellent and very promising concept, the director was unable to develop an engaging story. Most of the screenplay is uninteresting. The first thirty minutes are dull and uninteresting, and the world-building is poorly done. The first hour is filled with a lot of boring moments.

Saindhav has a great cast of actors, but because of the way their parts are written, none of them really stand out. Generic roles are unappealing for an actor of Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s caliber. Despite his best efforts, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is unable to shine due to the writing. Better roles were well-deserved by Andrea Jeremiah, Ruhani Sharma, Jisshu Sengupta, Arya, Mukesh Rishi, and Jayaprakash. The story also contains logical fallacies.

The background score plays a critical role in augmenting the impact of any action movie. Unfortunately, Santosh Narayanan’s background score is awful and doesn’t really enhance the movie in any way. Actually, the background score lessened the effect of the well-designed action segments. It was almost nonexistent in a couple crucial occasions.

Technical Aspects:

Cinematographer Manikandan has done a great job of capturing the imaginary metropolis, and the production qualities are high-quality. The work of the art direction team was excellent. The movie could have been lot better if the background music had been better. The editing is not too bad.

It’s not very well directed by Sailesh Kolanu. The youthful filmmaker did a fantastic job introducing Venkatesh, but he was unable to do the same with other performers. The movie lacks a compelling story and fails to reach the required highs, while having a nice idea.


Saindhav has a decent idea overall, however the story is largely uninteresting and unoriginal. The biggest things of Saindhav are the last thirty minutes and Venkatesh’s stunning performance. The director did not give his gifted actors good roles, even though they were on his side. The background score is yet another major flaw that significantly lessens the impact. The film is passable, but Venky’s performance and a few poignant moments elevate it above average. Therefore, it’s advisable to manage your expectations.

Rating: 2.75/5

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