Razakar Movie Review

Cast & Crew

  • Makarand Desh Pandey, Bobby Simha, (Hero)
  • Indraja, Prema, John (Heroine)
  • Tej Sapru, Raj Arjun (Cast)
  • Yata Satyanarayana (Director)
  • Guduru Narayana Reddy (Producer)
  • Bheem’s Cicerolio (Music)
  • Kushender Ramesh Reddy (Cinematography)

The film ” Razakar ” is a collection of events that took place at the time when the whole of India got independence, but Hyderabad did not get independence from Nizam’s rule. The story of the film is how the Razakar system destroyed the 200-year-old institution of Nizam. The film, which created a small sensation with the trailer itself, was released in theatres today (March 15). And let’s see how much “Razakar” impressed the audience as a movie..!!

Story: Although India gained independence in 1947, the Nizam’s institution ruling Hyderabad refuses to join independent India. While Nizam’s people are yearning for freedom, Razakar’s system is persecuting them and killing the feeling of freedom and trying to turn Hyderabad into Turkistan.

Who won this pitched battle between the Razakar system, the people and the Indian government? This is something to know after watching the movie “Razakar”.

Casting: The most surprising thing about this movie is the casting. Tamil and Hindi casting is more visible than Telugu. A senior star actor appears in every minor role. The audience will be surprised when all the Tamil actors, who have been missing for some time, will appear on the screen at once.

Although there are countless artistes.. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Tej Sapru scored the highest marks. Senior heroines like Indraja and Prema gave a small shock . Anasuya , Makrand Dehpande , Bobby Simha and others have done justice to their roles.

Technical performance: After the casting, another aspect that shocks the movie watching audience is the songs & background music. It is no exaggeration to say that Bheems ( Bheems Ceciroleo ) showed his ability as a music director after “Dhamaka” . Especially in the climax, Begeum is on a different level.

Kushendar Ramesh Reddy ‘s cinematography work is equally impressive. The producer’s cost is visible in each frame. However, it would have been better if the art department had been more careful. Even though the mentioned locations are different.. the whole movie is like a single set. Hence.. lack of novelty & spontaneity.

Director Yata Satyanarayana has tried to take an unforgettably gruesome subject in history and make it as natural as possible. Although the first half was a bit embarrassing by showing the injustices being done by the Razakar, in the second half, the efforts of the Indian government to protect Hyderabad were shown to the extent that Romalu was very impressed. He impressed more as a director than as a storyteller.

The story of the movie is lacking and also.. the narration is also not good. It is as if a film has been made into a movie by separating some cases into scenes, but it does not look like a complete story. But.. he candidly portrayed the upheavals of the Nizam system, the riots and the injustices that took place under the guise of religion.

Analysis: Although it indeed lacks naturalness. Although there may be some opposition from the Muslim community, the fact that the film is very nominal compared to the violence mentioned in the history books, the communities and people who were persecuted due to the Razakar system are still in Telangana will make this film more relatable.

Focus Point: “Razakar” is a visual representation of the violent atrocities of the Nizams.

Rating: 2.5/5

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