Rajadhani Files Movie Review & Rating

Rajadhani Files Review

Cast & Crew

  • Starring: Akhilan, Veena, Vinod Kumar, Vaani Vishwanath, Pawan, Shanmukh, Vishal, Madhu, Ajay Ratnam, Ankita Thakur, Amrita Chaudhary etc. 
  • Music: Mani Sharma 
  • Cinematography: Ramesh Composition: Kotagiri Venkateshwar Rao 
  • Lyrics: Suddala Ashok Teja, Gurucharan, Venigalla Rambabu, 
  • Dialogues: Anil Auchagatla,  Art: Gandhi, 
  • Presented by: Himabindu, 
  • Producer: Kanthanneni Ravishankar,
  • Story, Screenplay, Directed by: Bhanu,  
  • Company:  Teluguvan Productions,  
  • Released:  15 Feb 2024

For the future of the state and the capital, those farmers had tears in their eyes as they selflessly gave away their crop fields that grow three crops. The hopes of the people of that area who wanted to see the villages will be improved… the future of the future generations will be better… the dream buildings of the capital are being realized before their eyes. Like the harshness of an axe in the womb of a child, one’s ego has written the dreams of millions… the lives of thousands of farmers. Due to this, the farmers took up the movement. Starting from the courts, they went to the temples and put out their encroachments. The film ‘Rajdhani Files’ was shot in the spirit of that movement which is still going on. And before we know how this movie is, let’s see what the story is.


Sword symbol in the state of Arunapradesh After winning the elections, the KRS party will cut the sword on Airavati which is under construction. The Chief Minister listens to his political strategist saying that you are the father of someone’s unborn child and receives the four capitals refrain of decentralization of power. The same person who approved the construction of Airavati when he was in the opposition, changed his mind when he came to power, and the farmers who had given land for the capital are worried. (Rajadhani Files Review) With the strength of his authority, he puts an iron foot on the anxieties. The Chief Minister will be accompanied by two other MPs who will interfere with the lives of the farmers. Many people lose their lives in the movement. But what did the Telugu people of Aruna Pradesh do when the Chief Minister did not come down even though the farmers who did not lose courage continued the movement? What kind of decision was taken in the elections to give wisdom to the Chief Minister? What role did a family (Vinodkumar, Vani Vishwanath, Akhilan) who were representatives of farmers play in the movement? To know other things, you have to watch the movie.

Technical Analysis

This is a film that warns the political leaders that if ego development is buried, the flames of public anger will not be extinguished. The director started the story by showing the green crop fields in Velagagudem on the outskirts of the capital and the connection of farmers with them for generations. The story takes momentum from farmers voluntarily giving land for the capital given the development of the state and the future of their region, and performing Bhumi Puja with holy water for the construction of the capital. (Rajadhani Files Review) The results will change after a new government comes in the next election. A chief minister who doesn’t believe in himself, his political strategist who has no connection with the state, two MPs close to him who behave like bullies, making selfish decisions, suppressing the voices of those who question, and so on, turn a blind eye to the real situation.

It is interesting to see how the power is displayed in the peaceful struggle of the farmers who have been given land, and how all the women become more conscious and fight tirelessly in the movement. The scenes of the rulers not heeding their grievances, finally stopping them from raising their voices, and the farmers losing their lives in the movement are heart-wrenching. The audience gets connected with every character and every scene that appears on the screen. The director has designed the scenes to give a better understanding of the sincerity of the farmers’ plea. In the second half, scenes like the move to distribute the lands of the capital region to the poor and water down the Airavati farmers’ movement to gain another round of votes and seize power are crucial.

Does anyone like it if he says it is difficult? The move of the chief minister to sideline the development by saying that he should be taught comfort and put him to sleep, the way he decides to sideline the teachers for fear of making the people conscious, all these are raising thoughts among the supporters. Cultivate (Rajadhani Files Review) All these together, the flag scenes are another height. The highlight of the movie is the inspiring decision taken by the voters while exercising their right to vote. The film ends with the Chief Minister saying that he had a heart attack after killing himself with an axe. It seems that the fictionalized scenes of a common man going to the assembly and making the chief minister come to him have taken more cinematic freedom.  

Actors Performance

In this movie, no actors are seen except for the characters. Vinodkumar and Vani Vishwanath as the representatives of the farmer and the couple gave a good performance. Akhilan acted as their younger brother. His role as an engineer with higher studies in AI technology and acting will be the main attraction of the second half. Many farmers who gave land for the capital appear in key roles. Actors who appeared as Chief Minister, MPs and MLAs resembled real-life people and performed well in those roles. Technical departments have performed well. Camera, music and composition are all well done.

Words are the main strength of the film. A woman cradling a child on her lap… It was a disaster when she came into the movement, the state needed capital as much as we needed water for our crops, Annapurna gave rice to the country, Arunapradesh Bhavati Bhikshandehi has degraded to the level of begging for loans.. etc. The dialogue gave strength to the film. The way director Bhanu brought the real incidents on the screen, unlike a documentary, adding commercial elements is impressive. The production is below the level of the movie.


  • A real background
  • Emotions
  • Words.. Actors
  • Flagship scenes


  • Opening scenes

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