Police arrested ‘Challenging Star’ actor Darshan

‘Challenging Star’ Darshan has been arrested on charges of murder. Actor Darshan has been arrested by Kamakshipalya police in Bengaluru and is being investigated. Hearing this news, his fans and well-wishers are shocked.

Darshan arrested in Mysore

The accused had given information about actor Darshan to the Kamakshipalya police, who had arrested the accused in one of the murder cases. After the arrested accused revealed the name of actor Darshan, appropriate evidence was collected and taken into custody.

Actor Darshan was taken into custody by the police in Mysore early this morning and is currently being brought to Bangalore from Mysore. It is known that there is constant contact with the accused in the murder case. It is said that the name of actor Darshan was mentioned during the interrogation of the accused.

Whose murder?

Renukaswamy is said to have been murdered on June 8. A dead body was found in the culvert of Kamakshipalaya on June 9. When the body was investigated, it was found to be Renukaswamy of Chitradurga. All of a sudden, three people from Girinagar, Bangalore came to the police station and confessed that they had committed the murder. Then the police investigated the murder.

What did the accused say?

Renukaswamy sent Pavitra Gowda rude messages. On the direction of Darshan, Renukaswamy was taken to the shed of Kamakshipalya and beaten severely. The accused said that Darshan and Pavitra Gowda were there at that time. After the man died, the body was thrown into the drainage of Kamakshipalya. 9 people were interrogated in connection with that murder. Then he mentioned Darshan’s name. It is said that after collecting some witnesses, the police are bringing Darshan to the police station from his Tugudeepa farmhouse in Mysore.

Renukaswamy shared a rude message with Pavitra Gowda. Hence it is being said that he was murdered. It seems that Darshan’s number is in the contact list of the accused, WhatsApp call and some witnesses have been found. Further investigation needs to be done and information needs to come out.

Controversy and Darshan have an unbreakable bond. Darshan had already reached the police station for many reasons. Now Darshan has been arrested on major charges.

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