Mukhya Gamanika Review & Rating

Mukhya Gamanika Review & Rating:

Cast & Crew

  • Viran Muttam Shetty, (Hero)
  • Lavanya (Heroine)
  • Aryan Krishnan, Linguistics (Cast)
  • Venu Muralidhar V (Director)
  • Rajasekhar, Saikrishna (Producer)
  • Kiran Venner (Music)
  • Venu Muralidhar V (Cinematography)

This week also more than half a dozen movies are releasing in theaters. The movie ‘Mukhya Notna’ is also one of them. Allu Arjun’s brother-in-law.. Viran Mutthamshetty, who is Allu Arjun’s uncle’s son, is making his debut as a hero with this film. People don’t even know that the teaser and trailer have come out. But Viran was promoted a bit more on social media by mentioning Allu Arjun’s name. Let’s take a look at this ‘mukya gamanika’ that came before the audience today

Story : 

Viran (Viran Muttamshetty) is the son of a police officer. Unexpectedly, his father is murdered. With this, Viran gets his father’s job. But Viran’s father is not the only one and many policemen are killed unexpectedly. Viran decides to crack the mystery behind it. In this process, he faces an RJ case which he missed on the day of his father’s death.

How did he miss it? Was his wife behind it? What is the relationship between Viran’s father’s murder and RJ’s missing case? Will Viran finally solve the mystery behind the murders and catch the killer? Or? That is the rest of the story.

Acting Performance : 

Hero Viran is successful in choosing a good subject. But as an actor he could not impress. No scope for dancing. Dialogue delivery is also poor. Even if it is the first film, if you give a great performance, the pass marks will fall. But he did not get much acting scope. Another thing is that the hero Viran did not get much screen space in this movie.

Same for heroine Lavanya Sahukara..! Most of the percentage went to the actor who played RJ and Aryan Ippilli who played his wife. They also impressed with their performance but nothing. It is no exaggeration to say that there are no facial expressions that the audience knows in the movie. Even if the performance of Pony is full of impact, it does not mean that.

Technician Performance : 

One line to say is that the ‘mukya gamanika’ story seems to be good. But the director Venu Muralidhar V could not impress at all with his take. There is a lot of lag in the first half. The second half is okay to some extent but not very gripping. The director said what he wanted to say, the point.. But it must be said that the inability to drive the story interestingly is a big minus. Venu Muralidhar’s cinematography is also not very impressive.

Music is the same..! The production values ​​are also nothing rich. They have completed the entire filming in one place in a low budget. It becomes clear. There are also many dubbing mistakes. A plus point is that the run time is only 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Analysis : 

An interesting story, proved once again with ‘Mukhya Gamanika’ that no matter how good a story is without good actors, it is difficult to please the audience.

Rating: 1.5/5

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