Masthu Shades Unnai Ra Review & Rating

Masthu Shades Unnai Ra Review & Rating:

Cast & Crew

  • Abhinav Gomatham (Hero)
  • Vaishali (Heroine)
  • Ali Reza, Nilagal Ravi, Lavanya Reddy, Tarun Bhaskar, Moin Mohammad and others (Cast)
  • Tirupati Rao (Director)
  • Bhavani Kasula (Producer)
  • Sanjeev T (Music)
  • Siddhartha Swayambhu (Cinematography)

We have reached the last week of February. Even in this last week, small films have queued up for release. One of these movies is ‘Mast Shades Unnay Raa’. Star comedian Abhinav Gomatham, who is known for his comedy, became a hero with this film. Let’s see if Abhinav got success as a hero


Manohar (Abhinav Gomatham) drops out of tenth class and becomes a painter. Due to the death of his father, his family is faced with financial problems, so he takes care of the family by putting paints on the walls. In this sequence, his friend Rahul (Ali Reza) becomes a big problem for Manohar. First, Rahul marries the girl whom Manohar is going to marry.. to his friend. Manohar thinks of setting up a printing press to grow up in life and show himself.

For that, he meets Umadevi (Vaisali Raj) while learning photo shop. On the other hand, a loan to Manohar for setting up a printing press will also be sanctioned. But the second-hand printing machine that Mano wanted to buy will get damaged due to unexpected rains and thunderstorms? What happened after that? Is Manu successful in his career or not? What happened to his love story with Uma? That is the rest of the story.

Performance of Actors: 

Abhinav Gomatham is not only a star comedian, but this movie proves that he is also a hero. It is no exaggeration that Abhinav can do films even as a hero. Abhinav gave a one man show for this movie with his mark settled performance. It is better to say that the heroine Vaishali also looked natural than that. It should be said that Ali Reza performed in that range after Abhinav. He also acted very well in the negative role.

Nilalgal Ravi and Moin Mohammad impressed in supporting roles. Tarun Bhaskar’s guest role is good. Serial actress Jyoti Reddy who played the hero’s mother also acted well. But why can’t she get busy in movies? The rest of the actors performed okay.

Technician Performance: 

Director Tirupathi Rao picks up a good point. This story will connect well with the youth from middle class families. He can also be appreciated in the matter of casting selection. But is the story interesting? That means the answer is ‘no’. There were some good scenes here and there. But there is a lot of lag in the narrative. The director has tried to show the hasty decisions taken by the youth to do well in their careers.

His idea is good but.. there is no proper conflict point in the hero’s journey. Ali Reza’s negative role track is very weak. Even the love story is boring. Coming to the music.. the first song is good. The background score is not very impressive. Cinematography is also very week. The production values ​​are also nothing to impress.


Abhinav Gomatham is a success as a hero. But the movie is not impressive. You can try it once when you come to OTT, but it is not enough to bring the audience to the theater.

Rating : 1.5/5

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