List of 15 sequels officially announced…!

In the last couple of years, every movie has started to have an added suspense element at the end that indicates there’s a sequel. However, if the movie is a hit, a sequel will be made. Take a look at the list of 15 sequels that have been officially announced so far.

Pushpa 2 (Puspa: The Rule):

The Allu Arjun-Sukumar combination movie ‘Pushpa’ (Pushpa: The Rise) became a blockbuster. It not only made Allu Arjun a pan-India star but also won him a National Award. It was announced earlier that there will be a part 2 of this movie. Pushpa 2 is going to release on August 15, 2024.

2) Salar 2 (Salar Part 2 : Shauryanga Parvam) :

Prabhas – Prashant Neel combination released the movie ‘Salar’ (Salar: Siege Fire). It was a super hit. The makers have already fixed that part 2 will also come in 2025.

3) Devara 2 :

NTR – Koratala Siva combination is coming up with ‘Devara’ (Devara Part 1) after ‘Janata Garage’. It is known that it was announced earlier that there will be a second part as well.

4) Jai Hanuman :

Everyone knows how big a success the movie ‘Hanuman’ was released on Sankranti. Prashanth Neel announced earlier that ‘Jai Hanuman‘ will come as the second part of this.

5) Akhanda 2 :

‘Akhanda’ came as a hat-trick movie in Balayya – Boyapati combination. It was a big success. The makers have already announced that ‘Akhanda 2’ is coming as a sequel to this.

6) Tillu Square :

‘DJ Tillu’ which came in 2022 became a blockbuster. ‘Tillu Square’ is coming as a sequel to this.

7) Double Smart :

Director Puri Jagannath announced earlier that ‘Double Smart’ is coming as a sequel to ‘Smart Shankar’. The movie will be released in March.

8) Spy 2 :

‘Gudhachari’ starring Adivi Sesh became a blockbuster. Its sequel is being directed by Vinay Kumar Shiriginidi. The shooting is currently going on. There are chances that this movie will be released by 2025 Sankranti.

9) Hit 3 :

Hit 1 and Hit 2 became super hits. ‘Hit 3’ was also announced. This project will also start soon.

10) Bimbisara 2 :

This movie starring Kalyan Ram became a blockbuster. It was announced earlier that there will be a second part too. Anil Paduri will direct the second part.

11) Project Z :

This movie made by Sandeep Kishan as the hero has received success. The second part coming soon.

12) Gitanjali Malli Vachindi :

Geetanjali, which starred Anjali in the lead role, received success. After a little gap, the second part of this movie is coming.

13) Shatamanam Bhavati Next Page :

‘Shatamanam Bhavati’ produced by Dil Raju with Sharwanand as the hero has received success. Shatamanam Bhavati Next Page is coming as a sequel to this. This movie will be released on Sankranti 2025.

14) Kantara 2 :

Everyone knows how big a success ‘Kantara’ was, which came out in late 2022. A sequel is also coming. Already Glimpses have also been released.

15) Jailer 2 :

‘Jailer’ in the combination of Rajinikanth and Nelson Dilip Kumar became a blockbuster. The film team has announced that ‘Jailor 2’ is coming as a sequel to this. Recently it has also given an update and confirmed it.

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