Lambasingi Movie Review

Cast & Crew

  • Bharat Raj (Hero)
  • Devi (Heroine)
  • Vamsi Raj, Kittaiah, Nikhil Raj, Janardhan, Anuradha, Madhavi, Naveen Raj, Pramod, Ramana, Paramesh and others. (Cast)
  • Naveen Gandhi (Director)
  • Anand.T (Producer)
  • RR Dhruvan (Music)
  • K. Bujji (Cinematography)

On March 15..(today) 15 movies are going to be released in the theatres according to that date. All are small movies..! However, there are two or three films that have caught the attention of the audience. The movie ‘Lambasingi’ is one of them. This is a movie with ‘Bigg Boss’ Divi ( Divi Vadthya ) in the lead role. Moreover, director Kalyan Krishna, who has given blockbuster films like ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’,  Rarandoi Veduka Chudham ‘ and ‘ Bangarraju ‘, has also entered the field of production with this film.

This is a movie made by him. It must be said that the teaser and trailers of this movie are not only different but have attracted the attention of the audience. Let’s have a look at how this movie.

Story: Veera Babu (Jai Bharat Raj) gets a job as a police constable. As part of this, he will be posted in a village called Lambasinghi where the government will resettle Naxalites. There are no emergency facilities in the hospitals there. Also, the police there have no other job but to go as security to the meetings of politicians. Veerababu, who came to such a town as a constable, falls in love with Harita (Divi) at first sight. She is the daughter of former Naxalite Konappa.

But Naxalites who have surrendered in that town have to go to the police station every day and sign. Due to Konappa’s leg injury, Veerababu takes on the duty of going to his house every day to sign his signature. As he is in love with Harita… Veerababu is doing that job very happily. She works as a nurse in a government hospital. But one night if a person is in danger of death… Harita and Veera Babu… work hard to save him. Veerababu gets closer to Haritha in this process. Thinking that it is a good time, he proposes to her one day. But she says no to his love.

Veerababu is deeply disappointed by this. At such a time, one night when he was on duty at the police station, some people attacked the police station for the weapons there. In this process, Veerababu gets injured.. At the same time, he gets another shock. Because Harita was among his attackers. Why is Haritha in the gang who attacked the police station? What is her past? How did Veerababu’s life change after that attack? That is the rest of the story.

Performance of Actors: Since the entire story of this movie revolves around the character of Devi.. first let’s talk about her. So far Divi has been presented only in the glamor angle… by some makers. But she proved that she is also a good actress with ‘Godfather’With this movie, that matter has come out once again.

In terms of looks in this movie, she looked and acted very well without exposing herself anywhere. Hero Bharat Raj also seemed to be okay. His performance in the climax is good. The rest of the actors like Vamsi Raj, Kittayya and Nikhil Raj seemed okay.

Performance of technicians: Director Naveen Gandhi has given a Naxalism touch to a simple love story. So far in Tollywood, the films released in the backdrop of Naxalism have been serious. But the director has synced the entertainment perfectly. There is no feeling that the story has lost its groove. Everyone is curious about how the love story of hero and heroine will end till the end.

Everyone gets emotionally connected to the climax. Music is a plus for this movie. All the songs are good to listen and watch. The background music is also good. Missing some logics here and there, slow starting portion in the first half is a bit minus. The cinematography is good. The production design is also impressive.

Analysis: ‘Lambasinghi’… is a feel-good love story set in the backdrop of Naxalism. This is an innovative effort. It can be said that it is a must try movie in theaters this weekend.

Rating: 2.75 /5

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