Kiran Abbavaram Engagement Done with Heroine…Who is she?

The reel pair of ‘ Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru ‘ is now becoming a real pair. Kiran Abbavaram got engaged to his girlfriend & lover, confirming the rumours that have been coming for the past few days. With this, they are going to become a real couple. In the movie ‘Rajavaru Ranigaru’, the hero and heroines Kiran Abbavaram, and Rahasya Gorak are becoming one in real life. Their engagement ceremony was held at a resort in Hyderabad. The ceremony was held on Wednesday night in the presence of both families, a few relatives and friends.

Photos related to this have now become viral on social media. Fans, netizens and movie celebrities are congratulating this hero and heroine. It is reported that their wedding will be in August. They say that it will be officially announced soon. Kiran entered the industry with the movie ‘Rajavaru Ranigaru’. This movie, made as a romantic drama, entertained the audience. During the shooting of that film, Kiran and Rahasya became friends.

After that, it is said that the friendship turned into a bit of love. In the past, when I mentioned the same thing to Kiran, he said that she was just a good friend. But in the last few days, there are reports that the marriage of both has been arranged. In a recent interview, Kiran got confused when asked about the secret. With this, there were whispers that the marriage of the two was fixed. Now this matter has been fixed with engagement.

After ‘Raja Varu Ranigaru’, ‘SR Kalyanamandapam’ ( SR Kalyanamandapam ), ‘Sebastian’ ( Sebastian PC 524 ), ‘Sammathame’, Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini, ‘Meter’, Kiran Abbavaram came before the audience with the movie ‘Rules Ranjan . But none of that was of much use to him. But film chances keep coming. After that, he acted in a Tamil film called ‘Sharbat’.

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