John Cena goes naked on Oscar Stage, Viral Video

Every Oscars ceremony has a highlight.. This time for Oscars 2024 the best costume award has got that glory.

Popular Hollywood Star and wrestler John Cena walks naked on the stage. Now that video has gone viral.

In 1974, a man suddenly ran naked on stage at the Oscar ceremony.. It became a sensation at that time. But, after 50 years in 2024, the announcer came naked on stage. Jimmy Kimmel hosted today’s Oscars. He said while explaining the incident of 1974.. “On that day David Nivwin was inviting Elizabeth Taylor on stage.. a man ran on the stage in a dignified manner. Can you imagine what it would be like if a nude man came on stage today..? Don’t you feel crazy?” he asked. Meanwhile, John Cena’s words were heard from behind the stage. Jimmy responded by saying, “I am doing the same thing.”

Cena said that he does not want to come naked on stage.. He commented that a man’s body is not a joke. After arguing with him for a while Jimmy said ok give the award and put an envelope in his hand and left the stage.

And blocking it, John Cena came on the stage naked. Seeing him, the guests laughed and clapped. Mike comes forward and says that he cannot open the envelope. Jimmy came there to help and announced the nominations. The lights on the stage were switched off while the clips were being shown. Some helpers rushed there and undressed Jancina. After that the best costume design award was announced. It was followed by the film ‘Poor Things’. This time it won Best Production Design and Best Make-up awards.

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