Hanu Man @ 150 Crore running houseful even on weekdays

The Hanu Man movie which was made on a small budget of 20 crores is now shaking the box office all over the world.

This pan India movie starring Teja Sajja and directed by Prashanth Varma has already entered the 100 crore club and is marching towards 200 crore collections all over the world.

Even on weekdays the Telugu version of the movie is running with 100% occupancy in most of the theatres.

The Hindi version is slowly gaining popularity with word of mouth publicity all over.

Many star actors and politicians have praised the movie.  Union minister Anurag Thakur and Kishan Reddy have congratulated the team for showcasing sanatan dharma in the movie.

Released as a small budget pan Indian Movie has now collected more than 150 crore in just 7 days and by second weekend chances are high for the movie to enter 200 crore.

Hunu man Movie Story: The story revolves around a remote village called Anjanadri. Hero Hanumanth(Teja Sajja) who is just an ordinary youngster gets super powers through a pearl (mani). How does the hero get the pearl? What does he do with it? Do villains approach the hero for the pearl? How is this related to Hunu Man? All these we get to watch through the movie.

In the climax , the director adds more hype by revealing the movie sequel Jai Hanuman.

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