Annapoorani movie removed from Netflix after backlash from Hindus

In big news from Netflix, the recent release annapoorani movie has been removed from Netflix amidst backlash from Hindus.

What has been shown in the movie?

In the movie Annapoorani we can see the daughter of Brahmin Priest eats non-veg , and cooks biryani to achieve her dream of becoming India’s best chef. Just Cooking non veg might not have drawn this big negativity, however eating non vegetarian by a pure vegetarian Brahmin family and then slowly her parents , boyfriend everyone supporting her deed by the end of the story is something gone wrong.

In the awake of big negativity and backlash the movie is finally pulled out of Netflix . Netflix got many complaints stating this movie hurts the sentiments of many hindus. Reacting to the same the movie is removed from the OTT Platform Netflix. Will have to wait and watch how makers of the movie or cast of the movie react on this move.

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