Telangana Cabinet approves TS to TG Renaming for registrations

TS to TG Change: The Telangana Cabinet which convened a key meeting on 4th February took key decisions on various important matters ahead of Interim Budget for the financial year 2024-2025 in Telangana.

In major news Cabinet approves renaming the short form of Telangana from TS to TG Which will impact the vehicle registration in the state. Going forward the vehicles will be issued the number plates having TG as the first two letters representing Telangana.

During the Telangana movement TG was used frequently to represent the state of Telangana, however the BRS government later adopted TS as the name.

the Cabinet has approved the implementation of two more schemes as part of six guarantees. It has also been approved to make modifications in the state emblem and Telangana Talli statue.

Telangana Cabinet Key Decisions 2024: The Telangana Cabinet has taken key decisions today on the following issues.

  • TS name has been changed to TG and cabinet approves the same. It would impact number plates of vehicles.
  • The Telangana Cabinet has given its nod today for two schemes out of the six guarantees i.e. free power subsidy scheme under Gruha Jyothi for up to 200 units and 500 rupees cylinder as part of Mahalakshmi scheme.
  • State cabinet approves “Jaya Jaya He Telangana” as state official anthem
  • Further Vote on account budget dates have been finalised. The government has agreed to commence the budget session from February 8.
  • Change in the state emblem or symbol of Telangana and statue of Telangana Talli has been proposed and agreed.
  • The cabinet has also discussed on Medigadda Barrage and the way forward.
  • There has been discussion on the implementation of 6 guarantees and the amount to be allocated in the budget for each of them.
  • The state government agreed to convert 65 ITI colleges into advanced technology centers.
  • The government allocates 100 acres of land for the new High court complex of Telangana.
  • The Cabinet approves the form Kodangal Development Authority.
  • The Cabinet gave nod for Caste census in Telangana.
Circular about Telangana Cabinet Meeting at 3.30 pm at Dr.BR Ambedkar Secretariat, Hyderabad
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