PV Narasimha Rao to be honoured with Bharat Ratna

Bharat Ratna for PV Narasimha Rao: India’s former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao will be honoured with the country’s highest civilian award ‘Bharat Ratna’,. 

“Delighted to share that our former Prime Minister, PV Narasimha Rao Garu, will be honoured with the Bharat Ratna,” PM Modi wrote on X.

“As a distinguished scholar and statesman, Narasimha Rao Garu served India extensively in various capacities. He is equally remembered for the work he did as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Union Minister, and as a Member of Parliament and Legislative Assembly for many years. His visionary leadership was instrumental in making India economically advanced, laying a solid foundation for the country’s prosperity and growth,” PM Modi said.

“Narasimha Rao Garu’s tenure as Prime Minister was marked by significant measures that opened India to global markets, fostering a new era of economic development. Furthermore, his contributions to India’s foreign policy, language and education sectors underscore his multifaceted legacy as a leader who not only steered India through critical transformations but also enriched its cultural and intellectual heritage,” he wrote.

  • Pamulaparthi Venkata Narasimha Rao, born on 28 June 1921 was a lawyer, and a Congress stalwart in Andhra Pradesh.
  • He became the 9th prime minister of India and served as PM between 1991 and 1996.
  • Narasimha Rao is credited with bringing economic reforms to India in 1991, which paved the way for the country’s economic revival.
  • Narasimha Rao’s government brought three big-ticket reforms including globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation at a time when the country was facing a foreign reserves crisis.
  • Narasimha Rao was the first Prime Minister of the country from South India. 

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