Kumari Aunty Food Stall, Income , Food menu, Address and more

Kumari Aunty is a popular name now in Hyderabad for food lovers.

Dasari Sai Kumari, popularly known as Kumari Aunty is well known for her food stall which she runs in the IT hub of Hyderabad. Her shop is located at the ITC Kohenur junction at Hitech City , Hyderabad.

She has drawn media attention in the last few months due to the wide variety of food items especially non veg items being offered at her food point. She has become a celebrity with wide media coverage on her food.

Kumari Aunty has been asked by Raidurgam police to vacate or shift the location of her food point as it is creating a lot of traffic issues in the area due to huge demand. Post the spread of this news on media Chief Minister Revanth Reddy intervened in the matter asking the police not to bother her or close her stall. Her popularity further surged post CM Revanth Reddy himself involved in the matter.

Who is Kumari Aunty?

Dasari Sai Kumari popularly known as Kumari Aunty started her shop in 2011 in Madhapur area near ITC Kohinoor. Although she has been running the food stall for 13 years, it got more popularity due to social media sites when they published her videos. During the initial days the Kumari Aunty family stayed in a hut and her husband was an Auto driver. To support her husband and family she started a small food stall which gradually grew into an alternative hub for the street food lovers.

Kumari Aunty Food menu and items:

Kumari Aunty offers many food items and her stall is specifically famous for non-vegetarian varieties.

She offers Chicken Curry, Mutton, Boti, Fish , prawns and even fry items.

Nearly 100 KG of Rice and Non veg items are sold daily here.

Kumari Aunty income:

As per the reports Kumari Aunty earns much more than what an IT person earns in this area.

Kumari Aunty Daily Income : Around 30,000 and monthly she earns nearly 9 lakh rupees.

As stated by Kumari Aunty 3 more families are working at her stall and a total of four families including her family are surviving on this food stall.

Kumari Aunty has been facing troubles from the last few days due to heavy media coverage which is leading to traffic issues in that area and hindering her business and the business of her neighbour. Even unemployed youth seen at her stall protesting on their demands. In short she has become the center of attraction for the media. The media coverage which brought fame to her, now has the same media coverage bringing her more troubles.

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