How to reach Charminar by MMTS, detailed Guide


Charminar Is a famous tourist spot and iconic structure to represent Hyderabad City. However many common tourists struggle to reach Charminar in a more cost effective manner. Here is the guide for you to reach Charminar by MMTS, which is the cheapest mode of travel in Hyderabad.

Note: If you are reaching Charminar from any part of the city where you have access to a nearby railway station then you can look into this option.

Nearest MMTS Railway Station to Charminar

Nearest MMTS Available railway station to Charminar is : Yakutpura Railway Station

Yakutpura Railway Station is just 2.6 Km from Charminar and just 9 minutes away if you commute by Auto or Cab from Yakutpura Railway Station.

Once you come out of Yakutpura Railway Station there will be an auto stand, who charges around 20 to 30 rupees per person to Charminar and it will be share auto.

If you want to hire non-share auto or auto for you alone then they will ask you 100 rupees.

All  MMTS trains in Lingampally to Falaknuma route stop at Yakutpura Railway Station. There are also limited trains between Falaknuma and Hyderabad Deccan.

The frequency of the train is half an hour to one hour.

The first MMTS train from Lingampally to Faluknama starts at 4:50 am in the morning and the last train at 21:45 from Lingampally.

The first MMTS train from Falaknuma to Lingampally starts at 5 am at Falaknuma and the last train at 21:40 at night which reaches Yakutpura around 10:10 pm.

Route map of MMTS is given below.

Note: There are also few more local MMTS trains in Lingampally to Umdanagar route and Falaknuma to Hyderabad Deccan route which also stop at Yakutpura.

Another nearby MMTS local railway station to Charminar is Dabripura which is at 3km away from Charminar.

There are many autos from the above railway stations to Charminar frequently. Alternatively you can also book Cabs and reach charminar from these stations.

Happy visit and beware of your belongings in the Charminar area. The crowd will be more at Charminar if you visit during Ramadan month.

Charminar during Ramadan busy hours

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