Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 19 Highlights: Yawar Falls Again In The Game

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into the Day 19 of the house and it is really interesting and thrilling. The three weeks are going to get completed very soon, and very soon we will have the third and confirmed housemate for this house. Already the confirmed housemate in the house are Sandeep Master who got 5 weeks immunity and Shivaji got 4 weeks immunity. Now 3 weeks immunity task, and in this one the contenders are Shobha Shetty, Priyanka Jain, and Yawar.

Bigg Boss Plays The Card Again

The contenders were excited for the game, and Shobha Shetty is all powered up as she has won the task of eating the spicy chicken pieces in the house. Bigg Boss called the contenders into the garden area and placed three dolls of them on the table. Then Bigg Boss said that the contenders have to decide amongst themselves who is going to drop from the game. Nobody was ready for that because they have played the hard game and they have earned their win in the house

Then they had a discussion the majority who gets the vote should go out of the game. Then Shobha Shetty said that she wants to face Priyanka in the final game because it will have an equal competition of female to female. Even Priyanka said the same thing. Then Yawar said that this is not good, and if they have to win the battle at the last, they have to face the strong contender and prove themselves to win the game. Both the girls weren’t ready for this, even though Yawar shouted and screamed at them that he didn’t want to drop out of the game. But they didn’t listen to him, they stuck to their point.

Then Yawar gave up and took the hammer and broke his doll with brute force that it broke down into pieces. He rushed angrily into the house and cried his heart out. He was so close yet he is far to win the game. He felt that it wasn’t good that Bigg Boss planned this. But whatever happens in the house, it is a part of the Bigg Boss game and we must accept it. The final contenders for the 3 week immunity task are Shobha Shetty and Priyanka Jain

Fight The Bull

Then Bigg Boss gave a traditional Spanish game to the contenders. Priyanka Jain and Shobha Shetty have to sit on the mechanical bull and avoid falling on the ground.

Whoever stays on the top of the bull for the long time wins the game and becomes the housemate. Both of them gave tough competition for the game and the results will be announced by Nagarjuna this Saturday. Let’s see who wins the game.

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