Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 18 Highlights: Shoba Rises, Amardeep Fails

Bigg Boss has entered into Day 18 and it has been a thrilling ride for sure. Things have heated in the house, and especially this astra thing has got the attention of the audience. Yesterday we have saw Yawar winning the task of keeping his chin up on the stand for one hour and proving himself worthy as a contender. Today Bigg Boss gave opportunities to two more contenders that are Shoba Shetty and Amardeep.

Fiery Chicken Task For Shobha Shetty

Yesterday we have seen a big fight between Gowtham and Shobha Shetty. Gowtham said that she is unworthy to be an contender, and the matter went till the physicalities of the two. Shobha said that she lasted more than him in the Kusthi match with the wrestlers. Then Gowtham said that she doesn’t have any authority to talk about his body. He took out his shirt and shouted at her and he picked up a big dumbell and started exercising in front of her. It was a bit too much in the house.

Then Bigg Boss called Shobha shetty into the activity room. In the room, there was a big bowl of approximately 41 pieces. It’s not just normal chicken, it’s the spiciest chicken. There is also a glass of water and a bottle of milk. If she has to prove herself worthy in the house as a contender she has to eat all the chicken pieces without drinking the water or milk.

First she hesitated a bit because she didn’t eat that much spice even till now. But she took up the challenge and ate one by one chicken pieces. She went through a lot of pain, she cried and jumped around but she didn’t give up at all. She completed the task successfully and Bigg boss announced her as the contender for the task. She jumped around happily and Gowtham’s face was down. She proved him wrong, and this is a terrific work from Shobha Shetty

Amardeep Is Not Worthy

Then Bigg Boss called Amardeep and said as Priyanka nominated him for being unworthy of the contestant for the task. Bigg boss gave him a task which is he has to cut his hair short completely. He wasn’t ready to cut his hair at all, he likes his hair too much and he didn’t want to do it. Then Bigg Boss gave the opportunity to Priyanka, and asked her whether she wants to cut her hair. Then she accepted it gracefully and replaced Amardeep in the game.

Many more interesting things are coming up in the house, and most probably we will have a winner of the astra and the winner gets 3 week immunity.

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