Arjun Ambati Eliminated from Biggboss Telugu 7

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Grand Finale Elimination List: The Bigg Boss season 7 grand finale episode is going with twists upon twists. There are going to be unexpected Ulta Pulta twists to live up to the Ulta Pulta name. Who is the winner? Who is the runner? There is a lot of excitement about who will occupy which position among the six in the house.

The suspense of who will be the winner of Bigg Boss is going to be revealed in a few hours. Amardeep, Prashanth, Shivaji, Yavar, Priyanka and Arjun are currently in the house. The shooting for the grand finale started on Saturday morning. But like never before, this grand launch event has been planned and organized on a grand scale.

The winner is decided by the final episode of each season. But as per the name of this Ulta Pulta season, it is not possible to predict who will be the actual winner because every time there was a main competition between the two in the winner race. But in season 7, the three-way fight was interesting.

Even though there are six finalists in the house, there is a neck-to-neck tough fight between Prashanth, Amar and Shivaji. In the finale episode, Nagarjuna, who will be the winner among these three, holds the hands of the winner-runner and raises one hand in suspense till the end. Leaving aside the winner’s calculations, the latest update is that Arjun has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

When the shooting started on Saturday morning, the process of elimination of the last 3 contestants among the top 6 contestants was completed. But it seems that Ambati eliminated Arjun at the sixth position first. Along with Arjun… Priyanka is in fifth place… It seems that Yavar has been eliminated in the fourth place. While the confirmation regarding the elimination of Yavar and Priyanka is to come.. it seems that Arjun has been eliminated at the sixth position.

A strong contestant like Arjun’s only disadvantage is going to the fifth week. If he had gone from the front, his voting graph would have been in a different range, but his minus is going in the middle of the game. He became a finalist by winning the finale astra. As the finale astra won.. he is in the house but.. or else Nagarjuna himself said that he got the least voting.

Arjun was not getting any votes.. and when it was officially announced that he was getting the least votes.. the votes that should have been cast were also not cast with the intention that he would not win anyway. Moreover, there are very few cases where the contestant who won the finale astra is the Bigg Boss winner.

In season 7, Finale was named Astra, but in the earlier seasons, it was given various names like Race to Finale, and Ticket to Finale. In the first season, however, this finale was lacking. In the second season, actor Samrat won the ‘Ticket to Finale’ and became the first finalist. Later in the third season, Rahul Sipliganj won the ‘Ticket to Finale’ and became the first finalist. In the fourth season, Akhil won the ticket to the finale and became the first finalist. In the fifth season, Singer Sriram won the ‘Ticket to Finale’ and became the first finalist. In the sixth season, Sreehan won the ticket to the finale and became the first finalist. Arjun won the seventh season.

If we look at this calculation… if Rahul Siplinganj misses out in the third season… he won’t win the ticket to the finale in any of the remaining seasons… he won the title of Bigg Boss. No one thought that Arjun would also become a winner this season, but Arjun played well. He excelled in physical tasks. Arjun took home the sixth place in season 7.

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