Priyanka Jain Eliminated from Biggboss Telugu 7

Priyanka Jain Eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Grand Finale Elimination: The Bigg Boss season 7 grand finale event is going to start tomorrow Sunday at 7 pm. But with the shooting of the finale episode starting on Saturday. The updates regarding the eliminations are for you.

The shooting for the Bigg Boss grand finale is going on with twists upon twists. The grand finale event tomorrow (December 17-Sunday) from 7 pm has been grandly arranged. This season is going to have ulta pulta twists like never before.

Regarding the elimination, while there were six finalists in the house, Ambati Arjun was limited to the sixth position and eliminated. How is the process of eliminating the finalists in every season.. those who come on stage as guests go into the house.. and take up the process of elimination.

But Ambati was directly eliminated without any guest going for Arjun. And the latest update is that our youngest Priyanka Jain has been eliminated at the fifth position. Hero Ravi Teja came on the stage of Bigg Boss as part of Eagle movie promotions. But when Priyanka Jain was entrusted with the elimination process by host Nagarjuna… Ravi Teja eliminated Priyanka from the house and brought her on the stage.

Meanwhile, Priyanka Jain, who was eliminated at the fifth position, was offered a suitcase of Rs. 10 lakh by Bigg Boss. But Priyanka rejected the suitcase offer and was eliminated at the fifth position. In this 15-week journey, Priyanka Jain. Missing the ladle in the kitchen… Priyanka Jain who showed the taste of her hand cooking.. performed brilliantly in physical tasks. So far there are six seasons in Telugu… It must be said that no lady contestant has given such a tough fight in physical tasks in any season. Being more in the kitchen… She is as much plus as minus. Being in the spa batch is also a minus for Priyanka. In the nominations, the negativity has also increased for Priyanka, who behaved badly by saying Bhole Shawali Thu… Chee. Apart from these… Priyanka did not have many complaints.. she was able to stay in the house for 15 weeks but.. she had to settle for the fifth position. So far in the history of Bigg Boss Telugu, no lady contestant has become the winner… Bindu Madhavi has become the winner in the OTT season but.. in the six seasons so far in the normal seasons, six of the winners are men. It was thought that the lady contestant would be the winner at least in the seventh season but.. Priyanka made it to the end but.. the winner could not be content.

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