Do you know who the anchor of Bigg Boss OTT..! Who are the participants?

Bigg Boss OTT Host: Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 is getting ready for its finale. Meanwhile, OTT season 2 is going to be announced on stage. However, Nagarjuna is not a host for the OTT season. There are chances of hosting by hero Srikanth. There is information that the Bigg Boss team has made agreements with Srikanth in advance for this. Nagarjuna was to be the host. But, due to some reasons, the host is being changed to OTT. However, many are commenting that Shivaji should be the host.

Now the audience feels that Sivaji is playing the game very well and can wash away anyone. Nagarjuna hosts season 1 of the OTT platform in his typical style. Along with the old contestants, new contestants have also come in this season. However, it is remarkable that half of them are people who have gained fame on social media. Now it remains to be seen whether season 2 will be the same or something different.

Currently, there is a possibility of making an announcement about OTT on the finale stage of Telugu season 7. This time, the participants are those who are famous on YouTube. It is known that previously Bindumadhavi came as a female contestant of this OTT season and became the winner. Attempts are being made to get the contestants who missed season 7 in OTT. Some of Jabardhasth’s show members are likely to enter in season 2.

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The Bigg Boss team is thinking that if the Hotstar hits this season, then (Bigg Boss) season 8 will be scandalous. On the other hand, Bigg Boss is also looking for sponsors for OTT. Earlier OTT season did not get any sponsors. It just depends on the task. Moreover, if the live streaming is done for 24 hours, the rating does not get much. This time, the information seems to be trying to overcome the mistakes made in season 1 and make season 2 a success.

On the one hand, the Tamil season also running successfully. Efforts are being made to bring OTT season there as well.

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