Ananya and Cool Suresh Eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Week 11 Elimination

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Week 11 Elimination: Bigg Boss Tamil this season is on top TRP amongst the Tamil Reality shows this month with good viewership. Post no elimination last week, In Week 11 we saw big surprise with mid week elimination and double elimination.

Ananya and Cool Suresh Eliminated in Week 11

As per the below voting trends and official voting ananya and Cool Suresh are trailing in the number of votes and are at the bottom of the chart.

Top Votes were polled for

  • Archana – leading with more than 40% votes
  • Nixen
  • Dinesh

Least Votes Polled for

  • Ananya – Eliminated mid week
  • Cool Suresh – Eliminated

Finally among the bottom two, this week there is double elimination. One in the mid week and one on the weekend. Finally both Ananya and Cool Suresh evicted.


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Ananya Rao

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Cool Suresh

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2 Comments on “Ananya and Cool Suresh Eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Week 11 Elimination”

  1. Bb7 unfair game, nixen good player, bt archana group enna pannalum onnum kekkrathilla,bt nixen sinnatha ethu pannalum vacchu seiranga

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