Pooja and Sibin Walked out of Bigg Boss 6 Malayalam, What’s Next!

In a big twist, We saw Pooja and Sibin two key contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 walked out of the show.

Both Pooja and Sibin were hospitalized due to health issues. Pooja on Day 43 and Sibin on Day 44 have been hospitalized. Shockingly both have exit from the show on Day 46.

Sibin who is in nominations this week got a good number of vote share. However, exiting the midway could be difficult for his supporters to digest.

As per Week 7 opinion poll conducted on StudyBizz, Arjun, Jasmine and Jinto got the highest vote share followed by Sibin.

What’s Next! It is understood that there will not be further elimination in week 7 owing to Sibin and Pooja’s unexpected exit from the show. Let’s wait and watch.

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