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Nishana N, a vibrant homemaker, is one of the commoner contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6. She introduces herself as ‘freakathi veettamma’ (cool homemaker) and is an ardent fan of travelling and trekking. Nishana’s selection as a commoner contestant reflects the rigorous audition process that saw thousands vying for this opportunity. The show’s unique approach this season has generated immense buzz.

Nishana N, the spirited commoner contestant in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6, has not explicitly revealed her strategy to win the game. However, based on her personality and interests, here are some potential strategies she might employ:

  1. Authenticity: Nishana could focus on being her genuine self, connecting with housemates, and building authentic relationships. Authenticity often resonates with viewers and can garner support.
  2. Adaptability: In the dynamic environment of the Bigg Boss house, adaptability is crucial. Nishana might adjust her approach based on the changing dynamics, alliances, and tasks.
  3. Social Game: Building alliances and maintaining positive relationships with fellow contestants can be a winning strategy. Nishana could be friendly, approachable, and supportive to gain allies.
  4. Task Performance: Winning tasks and challenges can earn her immunity and favor from both housemates and viewers. Nishana might focus on excelling in physical, mental, and creative tasks.
  5. Strategic Alliances: Forming strategic alliances with like-minded contestants can provide her with a safety net. Nishana could align with those who share her goals.
  6. Entertainment Factor: Engaging in entertaining conversations, participating in fun activities, and showcasing her unique personality can endear her to the audience.

Remember, the Bigg Boss house is unpredictable, and strategies may evolve. Let’s see how Nishana navigates the game and surprises us!

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