Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Mid Week Elimination: Bigg Boss Mid Week Elimination.. same as season 6 wake up in the middle of the night.. then Srisatya…who is now!

Every season has the top 5 contestants. In the final week, these top 5 contestants will go for voting. Whoever gets the most votes is the winner. But in Ulta Pulta season 7, the top 6 contestants have been announced as finalists. This is the first time in the history of Bigg Boss Telugu that the top 6 contestants are announced as finalists. In addition to announcing the top 6 contestants last week, Bigg Boss is also releasing their journey videos consecutively. Bigg Boss has given a twist that the winner will be announced based on the voting in week 14 and week 15. In every season, the winner is announced based on the votes received by the contestants who are in the top 5 in the last week, but this season.. the winner is announced based on two weeks of voting.. Shivaji, Prashant, Amar, Yavar, Priyanka, and Arjun who are already in the top 6 are competing in the voting. But the twist is.. the latest talk is that one of these six will be eliminated mid-week. If there is a mid-week elimination, the host will announce it in advance. This is what happened in season 6.

An unexpected twist on the midweek elimination

Nagarjuna said that there will be a mid-week elimination when Aadi Reddy, Revanth, Keerthy Bhatt, Srihan, Srisatya, and Rohit will be in the house. But this season, no announcement was made about midweek elimination. Nagarjuna only said that we will meet directly in the finale episode. Immediately after that, the six people in the house were announced as finalists and their journey videos were also broadcast. But if there is a midweek elimination.. the finalists will not be announced. This is what happened last season.

What happened in the original season 6?

The remaining five finalists were announced only after the midweek eliminations. After that, they promoted Journey videos. But this season is different. Bigg Boss Season 104 has a mid-week elimination. At that time, Adi Reddy, Revanth, Keerthy Bhatt, Srihan, Srisatya, and Rohit were in the house. Big Boss woke up at 3 a.m.. told everyone to pack their bags. The six people in the house packed their bags and put them in the store room.

Who disqualified whom for the top 5

The housemates were not even told about the mid-week elimination. There were top 6 contestants for episode 104 of the season. But Bigg Boss did not announce them as finalists. Bigg Boss said that only five out of six of you will go to the top 5.. You have to decide who those five are. They asked to disqualify the top 5 by putting an exit frame.

In that case, who was disqualified and put on the exit board…

Sri Satya-Keerthy

If they eliminate Keerthy from the house… Bigg Boss’s unexpected twist.. Srisatya Phasak

In this process, if there are six people in the house… Srisatya, Revanth, and Aadi Reddy, three declared Keerthy ineligible for the top 5. But after all this process, Bigg Boss gave a twist. Who in your opinion said to leave the house but.. the decision to send from the house is only the audience’s.. all of you have declared Keerthi disqualified but.. this is not the audience’s decision.. The members who were eliminated from the house according to the audience’s decision gave a twist saying Srisatya. Srisatya was directly eliminated by Bigg Boss in midweek.

This is the difference between then and now.

If even now there is a possibility of midweek elimination like in season 6, it is a fifty-fifty chance. Because.. last season, if the mid-week elimination was done, the six who were in the house were not announced as finalists. Their journey videos are not broadcast. But this season, six people in the house have been announced as finalists. Journey videos were also aired. Moreover, Nagarjuna did not make any announcement about the mid-week elimination. So, if the mid-week elimination is suddenly carried out, it will be like cheating the contestant and the people who voted for him.

Same again… He is the same in the exit task

Judging by that calculation, there may not be a midweek elimination. If there is a midweek elimination, let’s see who can be eliminated. Just like the last season, an exit task is given.. It means who is disqualified.. Spa vs. spy war is going on among the six people in the house. Since there were more fights with Amar last week.. he is likely to get more exit votes. But.. giving a twist like Bigg Boss season 6.. you can say that it is the people who have to be eliminated, not you.

Is Arjun ready for midweek elimination? The reason is

Is Arjun ready for midweek elimination?  The reason is

If you look at it.. Arjun, Yawar.. there is a chance that one of these two will be eliminated. Because Prashanth, Amar, and Shivaji are in the top 3 places in the present voting trend. Priyanka is in the fourth position. Yavar is fifth. At the last place is Arjun. All these are unofficial poll calculations. According to the official poll.. there is a possibility that Arjun-Yavar will have more votes. Arjun has more wrists than anyone else. Because he got the least votes in week 14, if the same flow continues, Arjun will be in danger. If the mid-week elimination is done like in season 6, there are more chances of Arjun getting eliminated.

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