Vijay Varma and Ananya re enter Bigg Boss Tamil through wild card

Vijay Varma and Ananya as we all know these two contestants had been already evicted from Bigg Boss 7 Tamil. Now the same contestants have been re introduced through wild card.

Vijay Varma was eliminated in Week 3 of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil and Ananya was the first contestant to evict from the bigg boss house this season.

Ananya though got a good image in public, her fight with vichitra during the first week had damaged her voting and resulted in eviction.

Whereas Vijay Varma was seen playing well but in week 3 he got the least number of votes from the public and had to evict.

Audience are not sure why bigg boss re introduced these two contestants, let’s learn how these two contestant entry impact Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 journey.

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Vijay Varma

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Ananya Rao
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