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Jasmin Jaffar, a popular content creator and YouTuber from Kerala has garnered a significant following on her YouTube channel. With over 1.14 million subscribers and nearly 941 videos as of now. Jasmin shares a variety of content related to DIY, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, makeup tutorials, reviews, and travel. Her engaging videos cover diverse topics, and she often provides glimpses into her daily life, outings, and personal experiences. Bigg Bigg Boss audiences await her performance in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6.

Here are some highlights from Jasmin Jaffar’s YouTube channel:

  1. Shorts: Jasmin shares entertaining and relatable short videos, including moments from her life, humorous scenarios, and more.
  2. Thought-Provoking Content: Jasmin delves into deeper topics, such as mental health, depression, suicide, and toxic parenting. Her video titled “Depression! Suicide! Toxic parenting” shares a girl’s story.
  3. Engagement and Life Events: Jasmin also celebrates personal milestones.

Jasmin Jaffar continues to engage her viewers with a mix of creativity, authenticity, and relatability in her

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