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Jaanmoni Das, a talented and respected make-up artist, hails from Guwahati, Assam. Let’s delve into her fascinating journey.

Jaanmoni Das’s Early Life and Artistic Roots:

Jaanmoni was born to a railway employee and a homemaker. Growing up in a family of esteemed artists, including singing legend Bhupendra Hazarika and several film directors, her artistic inclinations were nurtured from an early age.

As a teenager, she was passionate about dance and pursued it professionally. However, her curiosity led her to explore new paths and learn new trades.

The Make-Up Artist Emerges:

Jaanmoni’s journey took an exciting turn when she discovered her love for make-up. She realized that this was her calling.

Today, she stands as one of Kerala’s most sought-after make-up artists, with a thriving career.

The Artistry Behind the Brush:

When asked about her work, Jaanmoni humbly acknowledges her friends and co-workers as her best critics.

Her strokes transform faces, enhancing beauty and confidence. Notably, celebrities like Ranjini Haridas and Amala Paul have never complained about her work.

Jaanmoni is an ardent fan of Bollywood star Sridevi, and her dream is to be Sridevi’s personal make-up artist. Sridevi’s expressive eyes continue to inspire Jaanmoni.

A Decade of Excellence:

Recently, Jaanmoni celebrated a decade in the Malayalam movie industry. She marked this milestone with a grand party, launching a celebrity calendar and a bridal studio in Kochi.

Jaanmoni Das’s journey from Assam to becoming Kerala’s “queen of make-up” is a testament to her passion, talent, and unwavering dedication.

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