Vinay Gowda (Bigg boss Kannada 10) Age, Family, Photos, Birthday, FIlms, Biography, Net Worth

Vinay Gowda is an Actor from India. Born in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. So far Vinay Gowda has worked in the Sandalwood entertainment industry and his artwork has been released in Kannada language movies.

Vinay Gowda is a TV actor who rose to fame and popularity with a TV serial ‘CID Karnataka’ on Zee Kannada channel. The actor is a national athlete champion in his personal life. In addition, his masculine body image helped him a lot to get the role in the serial. In this mega serial, the actor portrayed the role of a police detective who is an expert in getting clues to solve crimes happening in the city. In this serial, his co-star Sachin Suvarna, narrated the role of unit chief. The actor resembles sometimes even Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor.

He looked dashing in a show ‘Super Jodi’ in which Vinay and his wife Akshatha formed the real jodies. It was a show that was premiered on Suvarna channel which invited the couples to share their bond in the toughest way to emerge a winner. While ‘CID Karnataka’ was initially telecast with 30 episodes, the other show ‘Super Jodi’ too had similar telecast agenda.

The CID serial had explained some of the real life episodes to the viewers and this helped to get better TRP for the show. Earlier, the actor had been seen in a TV serial ‘Ambari’ that was telecast in Suvarna TV. The actor has a huge fan base in Karnataka and since his entire TV serial has done well, the actor is always lookout for a strong character in TV serials.

Biography Facts

NameVinay Gowda
Date of Birth
Birth PlaceBengaluru, Karnataka, India
ResidenceBengaluru, Karnataka, India
Weight (Approx.)
Nationality (Country)India
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