Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 11 Highlights: Intense Action In the House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered Day 11 and just in the second week itself, the contestants are giving so much content and even the TRP rating is somewhere close around 12.8 which is the best when compared to the last season. Many interesting things have happened in the house today. Let’s see what happened in the house today. It is really intense.

Update On the Mayastra Task

We all know that the Mayastra task started in the house, and in this game, the game was between Ranadhira and the Mahabali team. In the first game, the Ranadhira team won it easily, and in the second game even though the Mahabali team gave some competition. Ranadhira team has won the task and they have got access to the Mayastra. Bigg Boss called them into the activity room and they got a fidget spinner as they qualified for the task.

Twist In The Tale

Bigg Boss Season 7 is about Ulta and Pulta, and just like that Bigg Boss gave a twist in the tale which is the losing team Mahabali team will decide who should go forward in the Mayastra task, and they can vote to their favorite person, and make them move forward in the game. This is such a twister in the game, everyone was quite shocked for sure. This astra has the power for 4 weeks immunity and it can save the contestant from eviction as well.

The Mahabali decided their favorite members but Rathika turned out to be a rebel in the game. She didn’t like the opinions given by her fellow teammates. When Bigg Boss asked them about their decision, Rathika played her own game. In this Rathika said that she is not a part of the team and she doesn’t want to participate with the Buffons.

She literally stopped the game from continuing, and this made all the house members angry in the house. Shobha Shetty, Amardeep, and others reacted angrily to her. Looks like it is going to be a tough week for Rathika.

Riddle Of Saptha Samudralu

Before this Bigg Boss gave a riddle to the housemates. The riddle was Saptha Samudralu daatina Veerudaina aata maristhe pilla kaluva lo munagalsindhe, Aa Veerdu evaru? Munchindhi evaru? Munigindhi evaru? Cheppukondi chudham. As per our analysis, the veerudu is Sandeep master, and Munchindhi was Subhasree because she has stole the immunity power from him, and Sandeep might lose his immunity power of 5 weeks.

We have to see whether Sandeep master will lose his immunity or not. At midnight, Sandeep found out that his power was gone, and he searched everywhere in the house to get his power back but his power didn’t come back to him. This is going to be a tough weekend for Sandeep.

Some Inside Talks

As per the latest rumors, the final level of Power Astra hasn’t been done and the secret room was opened and we might see a double elimination in the second week itself. One will go and one might stay in the secret room. There is also another rumor that actor Ambati Arjun will be entering the house this Sunday. Let’s see what happens in the house in the coming days.

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