Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Contestants List

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Contestants List: Since Bigg Boss 6 Telugu’s massive success, every fan of the series has eagerly awaited the arrival of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu. There will be a debut of the show in the first week of September. Whether or not Akkineni Nagarjuna will continue in his role as host.

The Bigg Boss team has not yet selected the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu participants, but there are rumors circulating online that they have. Read on if you’re curious to learn more about them.

  1. Amardeep Chowdary – TV & Film Actor
  2. Anshu Reddy – TV Actress
  3. Anjali Pavan – TV Actress
  4. Shobha Shetty – TV Actress
  5. Aishwarya Pisse – TV Actress
  6. Prince Yawar – Model, Actor
  7. Mohana Bhogaraju – Singer
  8. Raji Gudimetla
  9. Sagar – TV Actor
  10. Jabardasth Naresh – Comedian
  11. Sheetal Gouthaman
  12. Bullet Bhaskar – Comedian
  13. Pavan Santhosh – TV Actor
  14. Yuva Samrat
  15. Singer Saketh – Singer
  16. Bhole Shivali – Music Director
  17. Subhashree
  18. Mahesh Achanta – Actor
  19. Aata Sandeep – Choreographer
  20. Goutham Krishna – Actor
  21. Pallavi Prashanth – Youtuber
  22. Anil Geela – Youtuber

Bigg Boss has not yet made an official announcement, but they will shortly. In any case, the program will run in the first week of September, and people are already wondering who will host it. According to reports, past contestants may return for Bigg Boss Telugu 7.

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  1. Nanu farmer ne maku telusu kasatllu na side water kuda vundavu ado YouTube pattu show chasta tesukontar asslu ieta rayatu kastallu vadeki ami telusu mammle tesukonde big Boss loki

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