Poornima Ravi Eliminated? from Big Boss 7 Tamil Elimination Week 6

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 has been creating lot of buzz from day 1 with many surprises and shocks to the audience this season. Week 5 eviction had left the viewers in shock post Pradeep Antony, who had huge fan base got eliminated with Red card. Looks like audience have taken sweet revenge against the unpredictable eviction of their favourite Pradeep Antony.

Reportedly, as the buzz that Poornima Ravi was the most probable candidate for elimination but last minute she escaped narrowly. Kamal Hasan had given option to the housemates to chose one among the least polled contestants and majority had chosen Aishu.

Aishu Eliminated from bigg boss as poornima escaped last minute as contestants voted Aishu to evict

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Elimination Week 6

As per the below voting results and buzz in the social media below are the contestants at the Top and bottom of the voting chart.

Top Votes were polled for

  • Archana
  • Vichitra
  • Dinesh

Least Votes Polled for

  • Poornima Ravi
  • Aishu

𝐏𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐞  

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Vote Week 6 – Study Bizz

  • 18% 37611 vote
  • 13% 27903 vote
  • 8% 17809 vote
  • 6% 13952 vote
  • 7% 14881 vote
  • 44% 91426 vote
203580 Vote . Voting Ended on 2023-11-13

Finally among the bottom two Poornima Ravi and Aishu got the least number of votes and either of them had to evict the house but as per the buzz and the votes Aishu is the most probable candidate to see the eviction door this week and the same had happened.

Fans of Pradeep Antony are still hoping on their part to see his/her favourite contestant back in the bb house. There has been buzz that makers might again re introduce him to the house but again this is not confirmed.

Last but not least at least his fans might be celebrating the eviction of his rival Aishu who along with Poornima Ravi and Maya S raised safety card to send him out.

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  1. The show is western theme. Not our culture..foreign agents trying to sell their stupid ideas here in bharat.. spoiling our children. What else they did last 700 years.. same tricks under different name.

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