Bigg Boss 10 Kannada Grand Finale LIVE Updates

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It’s official: Karthik Mahesh emerges as Bigg Boss 10 Kannada Winner and Prathap as Runner up. congratulations 🎉

23:30: Sangeetha Sringeri evicted as 2nd Runner up and won 7 lakh rupees cash prize.

23:00 All three contestants coming on to the stage

22:59: Kichcha 10 years journey VT was played

22:50: VT of All top 3 Contestants shown

Vinay Gowda on the stage

21:45: Vinay Gowda Eliminated at Top 4 as 3Rd Runner up and wins 5 Lakh Cash Prize

Everyone has expressed their feelings about the odd times they had and on how to express the emotions.

21:12: Next Eviction Task – All 4 contestants will have to sit on rotating chairs and wherever the chair stops that contestant will be eliminated

Funny Skit was performed by Kicchu Gili Gili team on stage.

20:44 : Varthur Santhosh gets 2 lakh rupees cash prize from Sadguru Soaps

20:40 :Funny Chat on stage between Varthur Santhosh and Tukali. Journey of Varthur Santhosh is being telecasted

Varthur Santhosh gets evicted at Top 5

20:25 : Namratha given the task to evict the 4th Runner up.

Tukali Santhosh gets 2 lakh cash prize

19:40: Short Video with all Bigg Boss Moments

19:37 : Sudeep interacting with 5 contestants left in the house

19:33: Kiccha Sudeep enters Bigg Boss Grand Finale Sunday Episode

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