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Karpoori Thakur was an Indian politician who served as the two times Chief Minister of Bihar state. He is also a freedom fighter who participated in the Quit India movement during 1942.

Born humble, Karpoori Thakur rose to become Bihar’s beloved ‘Jan Nayak’, twice serving as Chief Minister. A champion of the underprivileged, he implemented land reforms, championed minimum wages, and fought for social justice, earning his reputation for integrity and a life dedicated to uplifting the downtrodden. His legacy as a fearless advocate for the marginalized remains an inspiration in Bihar and beyond.

Karpoori Thakur Biography

Full nameKarpoori Thakur
Date of birth24 January 1924
Died17 February 1988 (aged 64)
Native PlacePitaunjhia (now Karpuri Gram) village, Samastipur district, Bihar
OccupationFreedom Fighter, Teacher, Politician
Father nameGokul Thakur
Mother nameRamdulari Devi
SpousePhulmani Devi
ChildrenRam Nath Thakur (politician) Manorama Sharma, Pushpa Kumari Devi, Sushila Devi
CommunityNai (caste of barbers)
Political partySocialist Party (1952-1973)Bharatiya Kranti Dal (1973-1977)Janata Party (1977-1979)
AwardsBharat Ratna (2024)

Other details About Karpoori Thakur

  • Chief Minister of Bihar: Twice (1970-71, 1977-79)
  • Minister of Education of Bihar: 1967-1968
  • Popularly known as: Jan Nayak (People’s Hero)
  • Famous for:
    • Advocating for the rights of the underprivileged, especially farmers and backward communitiesImplementing progressive policies like land reforms and minimum wageLeading a simple and austere life
    • Upholding social justice and fighting against corruption

Additional notable achievements:

“Karpoori Thakur got a rare honour posthumously. On his centenary. the central government of India honored him with the highest civilian award of India ‘Bharat Ratna”

  • Played a key role in the merger of Socialist Party and Bhartiya Kranti Dal into the Janata Party.
  • Led the first non-Congress government in Bihar after independence.
  • Introduced the “Karpoori Thakur Minimum Wages Act” to guarantee fair wages for agricultural workers.
  • Championed the cause of prohibition in Bihar, although it couldn’t be implemented during his tenure.

Karpoori Thakur Social media Accounts

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Finally, a man who led a simple life with down to earth nature, spent most of his time with the common people and for the betterment of the poor. He was also a freedom fighter who participated in the Quit India movement and spent 26 months in the Jail for his participation in the freedom struggle.

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  3. Bideshi Nayak Avatar
    Bideshi Nayak

    People’s hero is unanimously fit to get the most important citizens award BHARAT RATNA. 2024

  4. Rao AN Avatar
    Rao AN

    WHO also spoiled the Education System completely by removing English language. All books, study im Hindi only. He also made a Rule to pass all students without English. Made an Ordinance that No English be taught in any Schools or Collages. If found their Institution will be debared. He was made as Jan Nayak. He pushed state into such a Backwardness that still it is suffering as outcasted in other States. Every lowest labour class are from Bihar only. Although all the top education institutions from SDas to Khan Sir are in Bihar.. Old age famous Vaishali, Magadh, Takshshila are in Bihaar only. That is the tragedy awarded Bharat Ratna to him after 50-55 yrs later for Political benefits.

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