Vichitra Eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 Tamil after Poornima walks out

In the week 14 of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil in its penultimate week witnessing double eviction. We saw Poor Poornima Ravi walk out with 16 lakh cash and now another key contestants Vichitra eliminated from the show

Vichitra Eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 Tamil

This week completely revolved around the money box, initially contestants were in reluctant to accept the same, however as the days passed we have seen Poornima grabbed the opportunity to bag 16 lakh through self elimination.

As per the voting trends everyone expected either Maya or Vijay shall be evicted but surprisingly Vichitra supported all these days by mutual fans of Archana and Pradeep has been eliminated.

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil is ahead of Finale and post double elimination of vichitra and Poornima now only 6 contestants are left in the house as finalists.

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4 Comments on “Vichitra Eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 Tamil after Poornima walks out”

  1. Maya very good player, very entertaining 1st-100day, so she deserved the place.
    Deserve is wrong word ,more effect is correct.

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