Poornima Ravi Eliminated, Walks out with 16 lakh suitcase! Bigg Boss 7 Tamil

In the week 14 of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Season, we have seen the money box task is ongoing and one of the key contestants has self evicted from the show accepting the money suitcase.

Poornima walks out with 16 lakhs of money

This week completely revolved around the money box, initially contestants were in reluctant to accept the same, however as the days past we have seen big discussion in the house on accepting the same or not. The money in the box kept fluctuating. Finally, Poornima, who is in nomination this week, has left the house with the cash suitcase.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 is nearing its finale. In this context, the money suitcase that was placed inside Bigg Boss house has drawn attention of all. Post Poornima self eliminated there will be 7 contestants ahead of the finale. Vishnu has already confirmed his berth as finalist, now fans are awaiting to see their favourite contestants in final 5.

However analysts and fans are appreciating Poornima Ravi on her wise decision to quit with cash rather than getting evicted with no fame or money. As we all know Poornima is trailing with low votes along with Maya and Vijay. Quitting now with a cash suitcase is really a wise and timely decision she has taken.

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