BBK SEASON 10: Double Wildcard Entry; What kind of storm can be raised at home?

In this week’s episode of ‘Super Sunday with Sudeep’ (BBK SEASON 10), a VT of a fifty-day journey was also shown. The contestants were happy to see the 50-day-long journey. Then among the contestants in the nomination list, Namrata was the first to make a loud announcement that she was safe. Then Safe, Tukali Santhosh. Friends also became safe. The rest of the nomination list at that stage were Neetu and Siri. Among them Siri is safe and Neetu Vanajakshi’s Bigg Boss journey is over. In every season of Bigg Boss, contestants get entry through wild card. Pavi Poovappa, who is known as a model, model, and cricketer Avinash Shetty are also said to have come to Dodmane.

Standing in front of the new house of Bigg Boss Season 10, Uday Surya has shown his hand that he will enter the house. This photo has now gone viral on social media and it is also being heard that Uday Surya will give a wild card entry to the Bigg Boss house after 50 days.

After 50 days, the Bigg Boss finale will come. Now it is reported that two contestants have entered the Bigg Boss house. Pavi Poovappa, who is known as a model, is reported to be coming to Dodmane. She is very popular as a model. He has 1 lakh followers on Instagram. As Khat Bold, he keeps posting photos on social media frequently. Actor, model, and cricketer Avinash Shetty has also come to Dodmane.

Michael is the captain this week at home. In the history of Bigg Boss Kannada, Neetu has gone out as the first contestant to be eliminated while in captainship. Before leaving, Bigg Boss orders him to appoint someone to take over as their captain. Neetu has appointed Michael as the leader and left.

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