General English Practice Test 1

This Test is specifically designed for all the aspirants preparing for competitive exams.

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General English Practice Test 1

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Fill in the blank with correct preposition
Mark Twain, was ___ American writer, humorist, entrepreneur

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Complete the below conditional statement
If I ___ you, I would not leave him.

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Convert the below sentence into indirect speech
Ravi said to me ” I am sick today”

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Find the correct synonym for below word

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which one of the below is not homonym and is heteronym?

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Identify the correct type of sentence
“Fetch some cool water”

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Find the correct antonym for below word

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Correct the below sentence
“When I visited his house he is sleeping”

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Convert the below sentence from passive to active
“wall is being painted by them”

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identify the word with the correct spelling

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