Arithmetic percentages Practice test by studybizz

arithmetic and reasoning practice test

This Practice test is on Arithmetic percentages Test 1 and is very much useful for all competitive exams.

Total Questions : 10 , Total Time : 10 Minutes and Pass Percentage : 30% .. ALL THE BEST!!

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Arithmetic percentages practice test by studybizz

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1. Shivam Dube spent 15% of his monthly salary on entertainment, 20% on cricket coaching, 10% on household expenses, Y% on car repairing and 10% on shop- ping. If the difference between the amount on entertainment and shopping is Rs. 8000 and the savings is Rs.24,000, then find the value of Y?

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2. A number is mistakenly divided by 5 instead of being multiplied by 5. Find the percentage change in the result due to this mistake?

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3. In an election contest between three candidates A, B and C respectively. A got 20% more valid votes than B and B got 80% of the valid votes received by C who got 400 valid votes. If 8% votes are invalid, then find the total votes.

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4. Reduction of 30% in the price of rice enables a purchaser to obtain 20 kg more for Rs.210. Then price per kg before reduction was…..

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5. When the price of sugar increased by 28%, a family reduced its consumption per month such that the expenditure onsugar was only 12% more than the ear- lier one. If the family consumed 18.4 kg sugar per month earlier, then what is its new consumption of sugar per month?

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6. A father gives 8% of his monthly income to his two sons as pocket money. The elder son gets 85% of the total pocket money given to both the sons and out of which he spends 90% of the amount and saves Rs. 17. What is monthly income of his father? (In Rs.)

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7. 300 ml of acid solution contains 24% of the acid in it. How much acid should be added so that the concentration of the acid in the solution becomes 40%?

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8. A number is increased by 20% and then again by 20%. By what percent should the increased number be reduced so as to get back the original number?

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9. . In English test, a man scored 40% marks and failed by 40 marks. If he had scored 160 more marks, he would have got 60% of the total marks. Find the passing percentage.

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10. In an examination 80% students passed in Physics, 70% in Chemistry while 15% failed in both the subjects. If 325 students passed in both the subjects. Find the total number of students who appeared in the exami- nation.

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